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Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Cream Soda’ by Ryan Hemsworth and Tomggg

Ryan Hemsworth is my fave. Here are some reasons why:

1.He cares so much about underrepresented musicians that he started his own series called Secret Songs, wherein he features artists that he likes just cos. He has been promoting a lot of unheard of talent and that is exactly the kind of thing that indicates he avidly loves music.

2. His music reminds me of Pokemon and Gameboys.

3. He responds back to you on twitter because he lives on the internet.

4. One time, he took an Instagram series of several items placed haphazardly on his head and that shit made me lolol.

5. One time he DJed at Dell sponsored event and at the end of his set he realized he had been using a Mac and said,  “i didn’t use a Dell Omg!”

6. He made a an awesome DJ mix one time one time and the introductory speech is something I still listen to to cheer myself up, because the voice of the person narrating for Ryan is so puerile and cute. The speech went as follows:

“Hi there, this is Ryan Hemsworth! I am a young adult who still wears a retainer sometimes, because my dentist tells me to! This is a mix inspired by life, death, technology, rap music, Japan, being a cool DJ, kissing, cuddling, feeling hurt, feeling happy, feeling dumb, and other feelings. Please enjoy this mix, because you are awesome and you deserve something enjoyable in life!”

Well, those are the most important reasons I can think of besides the fact that his music jams. Hope you dudes enjoy!

<3 Matty



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  1. Sounds like a Mario Paint master class.