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Music Dispatch: Jack White Went Unrecognized At His Neighborhood Potluck

Music Dispatch: Jack White Went Unrecognized At His Neighborhood Potluck

This weekend, it’s possible that one neighborhood experienced the return of Jack White’s famous guacamole. More on that in a second, and we’ll also discuss Billy Corgan’s new car-related endeavor, a Joanna Newsom video that’s heading to theaters, Internet cat Lil Bub’s music career, the Kurt Cobain solo album tracklist, and Bob Dylan talking to computers.

Yup, it’s about to get weird.

This picture is incredible. My sister texted it to me. Listen to this. My mom helps put on a neighborhood potluck in front of my childhood home. Our little dead-end street is populated primarily with older and quiet people. The houses are modest and suburban. My neighborhood has been doing this potluck for over a decade. At the bottom of our street, there is a large gated historic home shrouded in trees. We’ve never really spotted that neighbor. But we have from time to time heard guitar coming from the garage. This year, without warning, the occupant decided to come mingle with the neighbors. Of course many of them had no idea who he was. “Jack White? nice to meet you.” He apologized for traveling so much and missing out over the years. #lifeiswonderful 📷 by @making_dinner #lookatthesepeople #theyhavenoidea #notelvisdontcare

A photo posted by Jedidiah Jenkins (@jedidiahjenkins) on

Jack White is understandably busy with his myriad endeavors, and despite all the people he has made happy with his numerous projects over the years, there is one group that has been sadly left out: attendees of his neighborhood’s annual potluck. White decided to mingle with the neighbors this year, but somehow, none of them really understood that they were talking to one of today’s most important musical figures, as evidenced by the Instagram post above. If anything, these people probably know Jack White as the recluse down the street who makes fantastic guacamole. [Consequence of Sound]


Billy Corgan is a man of many priorities, but their ranking in his head can be confusing to us outsiders. For example, he announced yesterday that he is quitting Twitter and focusing on a new website titled People and Their Cars. The site will feature photos of people… and their cars.

The site’s “about” page reads as follows: “Pictures (mostly Vernacular), design elements (found), and ephemera with smatterings of Art (conscious). If you share please link back to this site. And duly note: Vintage slide images are presented in an ‘as is’ condition, without correction or removal of their inherent imperfections. Thanks!  WPC.”

Cool, man. [Consequence of Sound]

Joanna Newsom; Photo by Beau Garrett

Paul Thomas Anderson directed Joanna Newsom’s video for “Sapokanikan”, and you can go watch that on YouTube right now. Anderson also directed her video for “Divers”, the title track from Newsom’s upcoming album, but it will take more effort to check that one out: It will only be screened in theaters in late October, so check out the complete listings here to see if it’s coming to your area. The song itself is about seven minutes long, but there’s no word yet on the length of Newsom’s video, although we suppose it’s possible that the previews could run longer than the feature presentation itself. [Indie Wire]


The universe has been pretty great so far, but we’re still waiting for the soundtrack album. The good news is that it’s coming out soon, courtesy of Internet celebrity cat Lil Bub, whose debut album(!), Science & Magic, is set to come out on December 4. This is actually a savvy business move: it would have been foolish for the cat to not capitalize on the momentum from his Meow The Jewels appearance. [Nerdist]

Kurt Cobain

Here’s the deal: the long-awaited Kurt Cobain solo album is coming out on November 20, and today, the tracklist was finally revealed. Check it out below, and listen to the already released demo of “Sappy” here.

Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings tracklist:

01. “The Yodel Song”
02. “Been a Son (Early Demo)”
03. “What More Can I Say”
04. “1988 Capitol Lake Jam Commercial”
05. “The Happy Guitar”
06. “Montage of Kurt”
07. “Beans”
08. “Burn the Rain”
09. “Clean Up Before She Comes (Early Demo)”
10. “Reverb Experiment”
11. “Montage of Kurt II”
12. “Rehash”
13. “You Can’t Change Me/Burn My Britches/Something in the Way (Early Demo)”
14. “Scoff (Early Demo)”
15. “Aberdeen”
16. “Bright Smile”
17. “Underground Celebritism”
18. “Retreat”
19. “Desire”
20. “And I Love Her”
21. “Sea Monkeys”
22. “Sappy (Early Demo)”
23. “Letters to Frances”
24. “Scream”
25. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle (Demo)”
26. “Kurt Ambiance”
27. “She Only Lies”
28. “Kurt Audio Collage”
29. “Poison’s Gone”
30. “Rhesus Monkey”
31. “Do Re Mi (Medley)”


Bob Dylan has gone from speaking directly to his human audience with his raw lyrical content–we’re not saying he doesn’t do that anymore, but we digress–to talking to computers. We’re hoping Dylan follows through on his offer to write a song with IBM Watson… perhaps about his new mattress courtesy of ClickHole? [Consequence of Sound]

Take a minute to process the weirdness of the past few days in music, and be sure to check back here on Friday for another Music Dispatch!

Featured image via Instagram/jedidiahjenkins

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