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Music Dispatch: Deadmau5 Sends Cease and Desist to Disney, Video Game Music, Karen O Streams New Album

You know what they always say about the first week back at work after a long weekend: “hunggghghhhhh!!!” Well worry not young/old nerds, we have a panacea for what ails ye: a good ol’ healthy dose of music news to get your soul, muscles, and bones prepped for the new weekend. Today’s music dispatch includes Mac Demarco’s man parts, a Disney-DeadMau5 beef, and Karen O’s new album. Let’s dig in!

Jack White performed an acoustic set at the historic Château de Fontainebleau. During the second song, White and a fellow musician venture onto the roof, where we are treated to a birds eye view of the serene environs while the musicians’ folksy tunes complement the experience. [La Blogotheque]

Sam Smith covered Tracy Chapman‘s “Fast Car” for BBC Radio 1. Just as you would expect, the performance is entrancing to the point that, if you were actually listening to this in your car, it might be relatively dangerous for how distractingly beautiful it is. Sidenote: The only way for Sam Smith to deal with his Riff-Raff beef is to just use that beautiful voice and nothing else. [Vulture]


Fucked Up shared a new music video for “The Art of Patrons” and it is a beautifully shot day-in-the-life narrative about frontman Damian Abraham coming home to his family from tour. [Noisey]

(NSFW) Montreal-based indie outfit, TOPS have shared a new music video for their porcelain smooth, slinky “Way To Be Loved.” The video features a mood lit dance party and also maybe Mac Demarco‘s testicles, so yeah that is a thing on the internet.

Conor Oberst shared a very frowny-face, black-and-white music video (surprise!) for his song “Common Knowledge”. It is a tad long, but you get to watch him cut his own hair toward the end if that’s the kind of thing that you are into. [Rolling Stone]


Karen O is streaming her debut album, Crush Songs over at NPR. The album is a 25-minute long whisper about warm hearts and broken hearts, very much in the vein of her contribution to the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack. This is the perfect album for unwinding languorously into autumn and letting loose ends just sort of fray.

Diggin’ In The Carts is a new documentary series about Japanese video game music. Guest artists including, AnamanaguchiThundercat, and Flying Lotus will appear throughout the series to discuss the influence of early video game 8-bit compositions. Watch the first episode via Red Bull Music Academy.

Deadmau5 vs. Disney. So Disney and Deadmau5 are currently in a litigious beef after Disney claimed trademark infringement over the mousey DJ’s image which may or may not closely resemble the most iconic cartoon in American history. However Deadmau5 fired back claiming that the company illegally used one of his tracks from his 2009 album, For Lack Of  A Better Name. He then issued his own cease and desist, which you can see below. Beef on; beef on; beef until your dreams come trueeeee! [Rolling Stone]


Mastodon and Butthole Surfers’ Gibby Haynes collaborated on the metal track “Atlanta”, as part of Adult Swim’s singles series.

HBO will be debuting a documentary about the king of soul, James Brown. Titled Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown, the documentary will feature previously unseen photography as well as interviews with Bootsy Collins, Rev. Al Sharpton, Questlove, and Mick Jagger, the film’s producer. [Rolling Stone]

George Harrison will be honored by a host of awesome musicians at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles for George Fest: A Night to Celebrate the Music of George Harrison. The lineup includes Brian Wilson, Britt Daniel of Spoon, Weezer, Wayne Coyne, members of the Strokes, and way more. [Rolling Stone]

For our latest edition of Car Tunes and CartoonsThe Los Angeles based bummer-pop band TV Girl contributed a stellar mix and illustration.

Aphex Twin released a brand new single, his first in over a decade. It is a promising introduction to his new album, Syro.

Nick Hakim has the voice of an angel, homies! He is going to be big, I promise.

That’s all the newsy news for this week, but we will reconvene on Monday to discuss and make really bad joke about all the goings on in the world rock n’ roll and beyond.

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  1. just_saying says:

    In general, companies like Disney have to be sue happy when dealing with intelectual property. if they allow even one person or group publish or otherwise use a character that they own outside of a contractual resease, they could lose all claim to ownership of that character. this is a stupid case imho, due to the lack of similarity .

  2. Jaleh says:

    Disney’s always trying to strong arm people who utilize anything that hints at Disney property. It’s a bit ridiculous, although I guess by going after someone as big as Deadmau5, they’ll both get a lot of coverage for it. 

    • Zack says:

      They didn’t “go after him” until he tried to start copywriting mouse-head logos.  I’m a fan of Deadmou5, but he’d have been smart to not have started this battle.