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Moshing Machine

When attempting to jailbreak your washer in order to turn the stain-agitating action up to 11, keep in mind the extreme likelihood that you’ll just end up bricking it instead.

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  1. Emily says:

    Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after several days strugiglgn

  2. Scrufy 1 says:

    Are we allowed to try that one at home?

  3. Dmb1983 says:

    I’ve heard of stone washed but this is bananas!!!!!

  4. anthony says:

    i was legitimately terrified of that washer when he threw the brick inside. his neighbors must hate him, i bet that was so noxious and loud.

  5. dragoncores says:

    What was he thinking! I mean really did those flowers really need to die. *picks up flower * WHY O WHY

  6. Charles says:

    Your mom is going to be so mad when she sees what you did to her flowers.

  7. Our front-loader just shat itself and was going to cost $600 to fix. Lucky I didn’t see this vid sooner or this is what I would’ve done to it.!

  8. David says:

    Yay physics!

  9. Justin Casey says:

    I don’t think it did this to _itself_!

  10. ScottyHump says:

    They should have made the dryer watch. That way it would see what we do to renegade appliances.

  11. MAXimiliano says:

    It appears as though the new Whirlpool line has become self aware and choose death over cleaning that dudes underwear.

  12. Kel says:

    Dude.. my garden. Dude.

  13. DJ DNC says:

    You forgot to add the fabric Softener!!

  14. Jaron says:


  15. NotTheNerdest says:

    People are fucking retarded.

  16. Brett says:

    Looks like it OD’d

  17. Aleksei says:

    epileptic much???? 😀

  18. Vernon says:

    The Brave Little Toaster has an interesting collection of snuff films.

  19. Duder says:

    Jailbreak joke in this post = Nerdy Genius Goodness.

  20. MAXimiliano says:

    As an appliance salesman I find that hilarious, that is until the customer come back to the store to return it.

  21. Travocity says:

    That Transformer was having a seizure so that guy decided to put it out of its misery.