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More Meat Than You Require

Oh, yeah, while we’re talking about gross stuff to eat, remember that mildly horrific minor league baseball hot dog monstrosity we talked about in December, the “Three Dog Night” with a hot dog inside a bratwurst inside a kielbasa?  The same team that came up with that one, the Akron Aeros of the Double A Eastern League, is at it again with yet another new menu item.  Try this one:

It’s a 1 1/2-pound burger stuffed with a half-pound hot dog.  And a quarter pound of bacon, cheese, and onions.

That’s just too much food.

It’s called the “Nice 2 Meat You” burger.  The team’s Executive Vice President and COO Jim Pfander said in a press release, “Where else can you find a two pound burger that includes other meat sensations, such as hot dogs and bacon, and with cheese and onions for extra flavor?”  Where else would you WANT to?  Besides, “meat sensations”?

They do not reveal the calorie count of this thing, but you can just assume it’s too much for any human being to consume at one meal, ever.  Even cut into portions and shared, it’s ridiculous. Plus, it’s a little gross-looking. I’m not sure which is more unappetizing, this pile or that Burger King thing with the chunks of jalapenos and cheese cooked right in. They’re no Juicy Lucys, that’s for sure.

But I bet they sell a lot of them.

Image: Akron Aeros

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  1. Steve says:

    I respect the engineering effort, but that is gross. Also gross: the aforementioned whopper cheese jalapeno monstrosity. It looks like that weirdo olive loaf my grandmother used to try to get us to eat.

  2. MacIntosh says:

    YES!!! Check out EPIC MEAL TIME!!!

  3. Jesse says:

    I recall Theo from the Cosby Show eating one of these “Bacon Burger Dogs,” served up by Bill Cosby himself.

  4. Alex H. says:

    If you think this is bad you need to check out EpicMealTime.

    This is more meat than you require.