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More EPISODE VII Behind the Scenes Photos Reveal a Familiar Ship

Warning: if you don’t want to know anything about Star Wars: Episode VII, stop reading now.

While we had to wait forever to get any tidbits about Episode VII, it’s hard to keep everything under wraps now that filming is underway. I can’t imagine managing a production this big and trying to maintain secrecy. TMZ released a slew of photos from the set in Abu Dhabi yesterday, and today they’re at it again with images from the United Kingdom. The pictures reveal the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is currently under construction. Yep, the Millennium Falcon is going to be in Episode VII.

Sources – probably Bothans – told TMZ that the photos were taken inside a top secret location where prop makers and set builders are hard at work. While the ship that appears to be the Falcon is still in progress, it’s hard to imagine that it’s any other spaceship. The saucer shape is there, and the cockpit is present. It looks promising. Since Han Solo is returning for Episode VII, seeing the Millennium Falcon isn’t a stretch. I guessed it was coming, but it gives me chills to know I’ll probably get to jump into hyperspace with Han and Chewie again.

Besides the Millennium Falcon, you can spot some creatures and other ships coming together in the shop. This includes the giant warthog-like creation revealed in the Abu Dhabi set photos.




Does this look like an X-wing to anyone else?


Are you looking forward to seeing the Millennium Falcon fly across the screen again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

HT: TMZ, top image via Scified

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  1. Italeri says:

    It looks like a Z-95 Type X-1 to me….

  2. O.B. Juan says:

    You can definitely make out interlocking s-foils, so if go with an x-wing variation. The EU had XJ fighters, a special variation of the x-wing that was smaller and so hard to control that only Jedi could pilot them. Could be something to that effect.