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More Contributors!

Here’s a new batch comin’ atcha!

Brett Hanson – COFFEE

That’s right! He’s a coffee nerd and I thought it sounded like a good pitch. ‘Merica needs its coffees!

Adam Greenwood – POP CULTURE

Adam loves to dig up retro flicks and give ’em the business!

Dan Telfer – COMEDY

More specifically, the comedy writing process. Dan is an excellent comedian with an EP out on AST Records. He is also teaching the first stand-up class at Second City in Chicago.

Shannon Lucas – WEB

Shannon Lucas is a funny dude who works on Web Soup. His ACTUAL JOB is to find ridiculous stuff online. I asked him to kick over said ridiculous stuff from time to time.

Kelly Oxford – KELLY OXFORD

Kelly has written for this site a few times, and always charms it up with wonderfully acerbic tales from her childhood. I didn’t know what title to give her, so how about this: She’s just fuckin’ funny.

And I’m taking on an editor!

Laurie Scott – EDITOR

In addition to being freakishly smart, Laurie is a sketch comedienne with a weird knack for organization and getting shit done. She will be an excellent addition to the ever-growing staff to keep this snark train afloat.* Follow her tweet exploits as Alexander Hamilton.

Welcome n00bs! Few more to come!

*Save your comments. I know trains don’t float. They FLY, if Back to the Future III is to be believed.

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  1. Brett Hanson says:

    Confidential to C.A.B. – oh, there’s punctuation alright, ALL EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

  2. Derek says:

    Da-an Tel-fer! *clap clap clapclapclap* Da-an Tel-fer! *clap clap clapclapclap*

  3. C.A.B. Fredericks says:

    I’m thrilled to have Laurie on as the editor, and she will be likewise thrilled when I call her at 3 a.m., sobbing about how the magic is gone and nobody appreciates true art anyway. L’Chaim, L’aurie.

    (and please tell me the coffee guy types in all caps, without punctuation)

  4. Laurie Scott says:

    Luke, good catch! Fixed. Editors edit after the fact, right?

  5. HOORAY! Welcome, fellow Nerdists! 😀 Can’t wait to read the posts and awesomeness to follow!

  6. Be fair to yourself, Chris. We could have assumed by “…train afloat” that you meant maglev trains. To continue the metaphor: welcome aboard all.

  7. Luke says:

    Congrats to those who were selected!

    Wanted to make sure my hat is still in the ring as a contributor on just about anything. I passed along my email pretty quickly following your first post regarding contributors.

    PS, Chris, I think you mis-spelled Adam’s first name in this post. Adan = Adam.

  8. anthony says:

    nerd coffee and old movies sounds awesome.