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Mission Log #71 – Episode 071 – The Mark of Gideon

Gideon is a paradise seeking admission into the Federation. Well, it used to be a paradise. Today it has a problem: too many Gideons. But they have a plan! One that involves kidnapping Kirk, fooling Spock, and letting a young woman die. Pay no attention to the mass of creepy people watching as we put “The Mark of Gideon” in the Mission Log.

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  1. KingVidiot says:

    Interesting podcast as always. I liked the reference to Body Double with FGTH.
    It is interesting that the Gideon folks with limited resources and space due to overpopulation were able to construct such a huge replica of the Enterprise. Their level of detail was surprising considering they never went aboard the ship or had Scotty’s tech manuals. Spock knew instantly that the ship was a replica, but Kirk didn’t even bother hitting random switches to see that they said Fisher-Price. He was completely distracted by the lady, not even his best female choice so far.
    I enjoyed the snippy Spock in this episode. He was quite annoyed for someone with emotions suppressed by logic.

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  3. Old Doctor says:

    I think you guys missed the point that the people of Gideon evolved to the point that any attempt to alter their reproductive systems would naturally be undone. They also have become immortal, no-one has died in a millennium so they devised this scheme to reintroduce death. I don’t think that they are libido crazy and they just need to stop effing but that they have a population that does not shrink. Any one that has a baby is not looked down upon, life is welcome, but there is no corresponding death to off set the birth.