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Mission Log #59 – Episode 059 – And the Children Shall Lead

Mission Log #59 – Episode 059 – And the Children Shall Lead

Kids! An evil non-corporeal being! Space swords! How does one explain an episode that defies explanation? Summon John and Ken to find out as they put “And the Children Shall Lead” in the Mission Log.


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  1. Tom327Cat says:

    The Gorgon may have been a discorporeal entity that normally lives in symbiotic relationship with corporeal beings. These symbiotes may have had simple minds that functioned as “gloves” so that it could manipulate real objects. This would explain it wanting the children who have simpler minds than the adults. It was speaking of controlling millions of children, whereas the few adults it was controlling was giving it problems. It really had no deep hold on Kirk, who as has been revealed in the movies, is motivated by his pain. The Gorgon may have lost its natural symbiotes on the planet Triacus and have waited so long for a substitute that it had been driven partially insane. Perhaps even the children were still an imperfect fit requiring workarounds in order to provide proper “shape” for the Gorgon.

  2. Rick Costa says:

    I laughed to and from work! A great chant to start the show! I do think that the Gorgan (mevin belli? I should sue!) must have had some powers or else the kids would not have been able to effectthe mind control. To control that many crew members counts fot something. And Spocks knowledge of local legends was undoubtedly found in the report filed by the dead colonists. I wouldn’t slam them for that when there wre better targets. At times I thought you were channelling Crow and and Tom Servo! Yeah, it sucked big time!

  3. Rob S. says:

    Spock’s Brain at least had woman to look at. This one SUCKED!

  4. Wildride says:

    Here’s something interesting: Is Gorgon a member of the marauding race that once inhabited the planet, or was he always this disembodied force and was behind the inhabitants marauding ways. He may have originally traveled to this world in a similar manner to how he intended to do in this episode. I wonder if he’s related to the Wolf in the Fold.

  5. Wildride says:

    “Go away now! Go away, or we’ll kill you!” – Scotty