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Mission Log #5: Episode 005- The Naked Time

Breaking a sweat leads to multiple breakdowns on the Enterprise. Singing! Swordplay! Kirk is torn between two lovers! This week, we’re putting “The Naked Time” in the Mission Log!

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  1. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention the “Slip it past the censors” moment. When Sulu enters the bridge and attempts to rescue the “Fair Maiden” Uhura, she replies with “Sorry, neither.” It’s a pretty explicit suggestion that even the Enterprise woman are interested in, and accepting of sex in the 23rd century.

  2. Ivan says:

    I love the show but you seem to be lost when it comes to answering “What was the moral of the story?” From wiki – A moral (from Latin morālis) is a message conveyed or a lesson to be learned from a story or event. There is a moral to every episode, some are just more profound and universal. Thank you for the show.

  3. Christopher Hinkle (@chinkleDC) says:

    1.) PLEASE ditch the computer voice/Siri/whatever. It distracts from the show.
    2.) PLEASE fix John’s microphone or fix the sibilant sounds in post… you’re killing our ears here.

  4. curteye says:

    Aloha guys.

    1-It took till the end of the episode
    and even tho’ the they were ‘forced’
    into it, this was the first time mankind
    had tried time travel.
    Kirk even said ‘We may even try it
    (on purpose) someday.

    2- Remember this was the 60’s.
    Race was on everybody’s mind.
    To that end the Spock character
    was in the same position as
    many of us being of mixed race
    (black and white in America)
    and the realization that for your
    entire life you will NEVER EVER
    really fit.

    3-Brilliant mix of comedy and tragedy.
    The ship coming apart and
    Rileys shipwide singing
    “One more time’!
    (Like Oh oh here comes the
    dreaded drum solo again)

    4- Because they are explorers
    many Trek episodes deal with
    finding unknown dangers for the first time.
    Much like the first Europeans
    that landed in the Florida area
    and found out about quicksand. etc.

    5- Is the nurse Chappel character
    Mr. Rodenberry’s real world wife?
    And was she #1 in ‘The Cage’ episode?
    And later to be Luwaxanna Troi
    in Next Generation?
    And the computer vox aboard the ship?

    About the show:

    6-The opening music is a lil bit distorted.
    All the rest of the music is fine.
    And nice choices BTW.

    7-John’s mic is still very
    sharp sounding. Please de-ess.

    8-The 30 minute (approx) format
    is great guys.

    This podcast is wonderful.
    Tanx guys. I had to pull out
    my Star Trek Concordance book.
    Had not looked at it since 1971


  5. Bailey says:

    I wish somebody would do a podcast like this for Dark Shadows.

  6. Old Doctor says:

    Another fine offering fellows! I really enjoyed this episode when it first aired for its characterizations. We did get to see an in-depth examination of Kirk and Spock as well as some of the supporting characters. I loved Kevin Riley and even though he only appears in one other episode I always think of him aboard the Enterprise, singing songs, eating ice cream and dancing the night away in the ship’s bowling ally.

  7. Justin says:

    Oh and keep Siri!

    Kill your iPhones

  8. Justin says:

    I gotta say, I love this podcast and am so excited to be watching TOS with you guys. But these have got to come out like twice a week or two episodes a pocasts?

    Its going to take more than a YEAR to get to Generations, it’s my favorite 🙁

  9. Spratt says:

    Great show – I think you may have spent a bit to much time looking for a meaning or moral in this one. I was hoping for more of a conversation linking this episode to the Series at large. This was the first Vulcan nerve pinch, the first time Scotty give us odds and tells us what Kirk wants is impossible – these are fanatic Trek moments and I could listen to a discussion about them for hours….

    Fantastic show – enhances the episodes and makes my walk to work in the morning that more enjoyable!

  10. amysrevenge says:

    Enjoy your work fellas.

  11. Evan says:

    Please get rid of Siri!!!

    Also, I’d love to know why they rehashed so many OS plots in season 1 TNG. Super curious.

  12. 36 minutes? What — did you guys have somewhere else to be this week? 😉 Just kidding. All Trek is good Trek, no matter how long it might run…