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Minneapolis Braces For Chris Hardwick Invasion

The Chaotic Good tour rolls on with your ol’ pal Chris Hardwick scheduled to be in Minneapolis for a show at the Varsity Theater on Friday, May 6th at 8 pm.

What? You can make it? Great. Buy tickets. NOW. They’re on sale NOW, as of noon Central time.  NOW.

Click here and grab ’em before they’re gone. A good time will be had by all.  Hugs for everyone.





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  1. Mandy says:

    I’ll be there! WOO HOO!

  2. Scott says:

    Winter in minnesota sucks.

    This is the opposite of that.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Damn my dyslexia. I read that as the Catholic Gurls Tour.

  4. HellZiggy says:

    If you stop in to the Loring Pasta Bar to buy your tickets for Varsity shows you don’t pay ANY service fees! I saved over $6 on each ticket.

    It looks like May is comedy month here in Minneapolis: You, Donald Glover, Paul F. Tompkins, Maria Bamford, Dana Gould, and Kyle Kinane!


  5. Kenny says:

    Woooo ya i live in minnesota im gonna try to make it to that

  6. Justin Helmer says:

    Huzzah! Tickets procured-now I just have to wait until May.

  7. nerdist fan says:

    Do you have a list of all of the dates for your tour? Are you coming to the midwest by any chance? My friends and I would love to support what you do by going to a show.

  8. WastinMyFlavor says:

    What a May Minneapolis will be having: Paul F. Tompkins, Donald Glover, and now YOU! Set nerd joy to stunned!

  9. the_nether says:

    Best thing to come to Mpls. since Chris Hardwick @ Acme last year. Also the sun came back. Things are looking up.

  10. Charlie says:

    You can’t see, but I am covertly hopping up and down at work , because I was just wondering when I’d get to see your face on the body of Mary Tyler Moore. And also, yay that you’re coming to Mpls— I will go give you my monies right now.

  11. Hailboogie says: