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Episode 70: Mike and Tom Eat Snacks
Mike and Tom Eat SnacksMike and Tom Eat Snacks

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #70: Halvah

Hear what Mike and Tom eat today!

This episode’s music: The Great American Novel – “Does This Train Stop at 57th Street?”

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  1. Heartbroken Snack Lover says:

    I miss you… please come back.
    *sheds tear*
    I’m stuck going back and listening to old episodes like Chinese Crunch Crunch which leaves me really wanting to taste a Jaunty Cap shaped one.

  2. Chris says:

    I miss this show…

  3. SurfOrDie says:

    Dude, you guys aren’t eating any more snacks.What gives?

  4. Jpop says:


  5. tock says:

    Halvah isn’t Jewish or Canadian. It’s Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern. Served by Arabs and Jews alike all over the Middle East. Pre-packaged halvah isn’t very good.
    You need to get fresh halvah for it to be edible. The coffee flavor is the best. The pistachio is pretty good also. The plain is pretty terrible. I agree.

  6. romtin says:

    “it’s a shit candy”

  7. Drew says:

    Uhh. GuanoLad — if that is your real name — are you seriously complaining that this specific podcast was weird? What’s wrong with you man? This podcast is weird and that’s why it’s good.

    If you’r looking for a show where they literally stick to the concept of rating food and don’t make us laugh, then watch the food channel and shut the fuck up.

  8. LittleTimmy says:

    I was cleaning and laughed so much after your bites that I dropped my Windex and had to spend the rest of the episode cleaning the rug. Fuck that fucking Halvah.

  9. Tuna Boat Tony says:

    I would love to see Tom’s pants thing turned into a First Person Shooter game for X-box a’la Call of Duty.

  10. Liam says:

    Pants off.

  11. GuanoLad says:

    This is the most bizarre episode you guys have ever done. What the heckydoody was that?

  12. Best episode yet. Honestly. Pots and ladles of appreciation, Canadian Jews, Navy Seals, terrible snack… Jesus Christ this one had me cracking up.

    Y’all are the best.

  13. wet dog blues says:

    is it me or is this episode sped up and slightly higher pitched