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@midnight Last Night: Tom Lennon, Paul Scheer, Doug Benson

Tom Lennon, Paul Scheer and Doug Benson were the guests on what you might call the season ender for Chris Hardwick and @midnight on Comedy Central, but it was a joyous occasion, considering the great news that the show’s been renewed for 40 weeks, starting January 6th. But there was much frivolity as well, including male celebrities photoshopped to look like women, everyone trying to gross out Chris, and more.

And clips! We have the clips:

Rapid Refresh – @midnight’s Big News


Gender Bender Beauty Pageant – Tomasina Lennon vs. Christina Hardwick


Sweet Emoji – Alien Lipstick Fire


Rapid Refresh – Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split


Cringe-Worthy – Aged Dick Cheese


See the whole episode by clicking here.

And with that, we come to the end of Series 1. While we wait for January 6th and the triumphant return of @midnight, follow the show’s Tumblr and, of course, the Twitter account. Together, we can get through the void.

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  1. rob in maine says:

    Awesome news!!! I F-ing love this show and cant wait till January. Great job guys

  2. jdge says:

    About the whole ” the bread is the bowl” thing, Ive gotta ask. Do britts not have pot pies? or taco salad? cuz bread as the bowl isnt really that odd to me. Just thought that was an odd thing to be confused by.

  3. tomK says:

    I can’t wait for Chris Hardwick’s “Talking After Midnight” at 12:30 in January.

  4. prewski says:

    Pete go to media hint and add to your browser of choice and then go to the US comedy central site and job’s a goodun. Bonus it works with Netflix too.

  5. Pete says:

    I live in the UK, are there any ways I can watch this, legit ways? Non legit ways?

  6. Chris says:

    Does this mean no more Nerdist TV show on BBC?