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@midnight Last Night: Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher, Steve Agee

Carmen Miranda, Carmen Miranda, and Carmen Miranda joined host, um, a skeleton on last night’s quite Halloween-y @midnight on Comedy Central. Okay, the three individuals with fruit on their heads were Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher, and Steve Agee. And the skeleton was Chris Hardwick. And they said funny things about the paranormal, the New Orleans Pelicans’ scary mascot, tweets from celebrating Red Sox fans, and a round of #HashtagWars about #RejectedCandy.

If you missed it, watch these clips:

Live Challenge – Pierre the Pelican


Amazon Wish List – The Pelican Brief


Yahoo! Answers – Paranormal Edition


Rapid Refresh – Boston Red Sox & “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”


#HashtagWars – #RejectedCandy


See the whole episode by clicking here.


Coming up Monday on @midnight, it’s our own Jonah Ray along with Howard Kremer and Ali Wong. Watch it on on Comedy Central at midnight ET/PT. And follow the show’s Tumblr and, of course, the Twitter account, because Pierre the Pelican is watching you.

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  1. Jeff Edsell says:

    Love this show. Comedy Central should maybe, you know, promote it. I only found it by accident because I happened to be watching Colbert.

  2. Pat P says:

    This is a great show!

  3. Three Toes of Fury says:


    – Bit o Horney
    – 100,000 Grand Wizard Bar
    – Eminem’s
    – Whatchamacallit
    – Nestles [email protected] Bar
    – Swisher Sweet Tarts
    – Scabdbury Creme Eggs
    – Scat-tles