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@midnight Last Night: Cristela Alonzo, Matt Braunger, Kyle Kinane

Cristela Alonzo, our own Matt Braunger, and Kyle Kinane played @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central last night. They offered their own Yahoo! Answers for questions about unicorns and how to fool elephants, came up with wrestling versions of TV shows, had to pick the real Eventbrite event, invented new Tumblrs, and tried to guess the trend that came out of the Golden Globes.

Clips? Why, yes:

Yahoo Answers – Unicorns and Elephants


#HashtagWars – #WrestlingTVShows


Event or Invented – Kardashian Fantasy Camp


Tumblr? I Hardly Know Her – Cosby Cosplay


Rapid Refresh – Golden Globe Trends


See the whole episode by clicking here.

Tonight? Rory Scovel, Beth Stelling, and Jon Dore. Watch ’em at 12/11c on Comedy Central, right after The Colbert Report. Follow the show’s Tumblr and, of course, make sure you’re following the Twitter account, because the Iron Sheik will think you’re a jabroni if you don’t.

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  1. Alice says:

    Yo tomo mucha agua y hago pis otras tantas ( en un ruatil que roza el T.O.C. En el auto, de camino al teatro,yo escucho alguna musica que me energize bien (Naranjos, Chambao, Amr Diab,Bregobic, manu Chao..)y me voy recordando a mi mismo que lo que estoy yendo a hacer, (para asegurarme que ni de casualidad el ir a actuar forme parte de una rutina) es una de las cosas que mas feliz me hacen!! Y que soy muy afortunado de estar yendo a divertirme con un grupo de extraf1os que pagaron para que lo haga bien!!

  2. Daniel says:

    matt braunger freezing in the red light had me , still has me, laughing!

  3. Kyle Stephens says:

    Or as I like to call it, Tweet Tweet…Don’t Tell Me!

    Thank you, I’ll see myself out.

  4. FreshMetal says:

    In the wrestling TV shows game, I’m surprised nobody came up with the obvious answer: Chris JERICHO!

  5. Lee says:

    I wish there was a way to watch this in the uk