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@midnight Last Night: Baron Vaughn, Julie Klausner, Paul F. Tompkins

Last night, Baron Vaughn, Julie Klausner, and Paul F. Tompkins accepted the challenge of competing on Chris Hardwick’s @midnight on Comedy Central. The gauntlet included choosing whether fan fiction was written about Ryan Gosling or Ryan Seacrest, captioning a particularly hot family photo, making up celebrity-themed drinks, imagining historic tweets, and generating BuzzFeed lists. Funny people saying funny things. You’d have loved it.

You can still love it. Here are the clips:

Ryan Gosling or Ryan Seacrest Fan Fiction – One-Night Stand


Live Challenge – Family Fire


#HashtagWars – #CelebrityBooze


Tweets Through Time – Jesus Walks on Water


BuzzSpeed – 25 Species of Animals that are Afraid of Roombas


See the whole episode by clicking here.

Coming up Monday on @midnight, it’s John Hodgman, Rob Delaney, and Grace Helbig. Watch it on on Comedy Central at midnight ET/PT. And follow the show’s Tumblr and, of course, the Twitter account while you decide whether your foot looks like Robert Pattinson’s face.

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  1. bastien says:

    I reeeally want to like the show. And for the most part, I do. I love all these comics and I’ve been a panel show fan for years.

    But there’s an element to this show that just seems like Chris took internet trolling and bullying and put it on TV. It just doesn’t sit right we me.

    I mean, don’t furries get enough flack from the internet by just trying to live their lives? Do you have to pick on them on national television, too?

    And is it so hilarious and embarrassing that mothers and pregnant women enjoy sex? Do you have to go out of your way to find and trawl their message boards for posts so you can laugh at them?

    The comedy golden rule is that you only make fun of the people above you. So it’s one thing when you make fun of celebrities and famous people, or otherwise nondescript subjects like Craigslist or corporations.

    But often times the show just follows the lead of the worst part of the internet and picks on people who are just going about their daily lives. People who are forced by society to find tucked away message boards in order to talk about their lives and hobbies without fear of ridicule. They’re just trying to “enjoy their burrito”.

    But then here comes a TV show about the internet to mock them for the very reasons they had to escape to the internet for in the first place.

    Stick to razzing celebrities, public figures, and inanimate objects, and leave the regular people alone.

  2. Pat says:

    Booooo ‘this video is not available in your location’

    Maybe in the future you could link to the Canadian site as well?

    Might be asking a lot but it would be awfully nice. The show’s really fun, keep up the good work.

  3. Dustin says:

    I now wake up every morning before work and watch the highlights. Amazing show. DO. NOT. STOP. IT. OR. I. WILL. GET. YOU…I. CAN’T. STOP. WRITING. LIKE. THIS. SOMEONE. HELP. ME. HASHTAG. HELP. HASHTAG. APPLE-JACKOFFS

  4. NYCrex says:

    Great show – as always – Paul F rocks! Love the return of Pierre!

  5. Patrick says: