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Microsoft Tells Apple To Suck It (In Tablet Form)

Those super rad nerds over at Gizmodo have leaked this video for the previously super-top-secret “Courier,” a futurey techno-booklet that is so kick-ass looking that it will generate penises on lady geeks, just so they, too, can get boners for it. It may be time to be a little more open about your upcoming devices, Apple, cuz this one just called you out. IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL.

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  1. ModstRob says:

    Finally! A step back from the little phones that hardly work. Microsoft has once again made me happy to be alive. When this thing comes out ill be outside best buy with a tent and coffee mug liking the glass. (and screw pessimism, I’m diving head in and building this fucker up.) Thank you Chris for showing me this. You have delayed my death at least another year or two.

  2. NEZG says:

    All my apples just got raped.

  3. Nick says:

    I dunno, Microsoft has had pretty poor results with “real world analogies as an interface” before – remember Bob?

  4. Deltus says:

    Holy dang. From the makers of Vista. And Windows Me. And the Zune. And EDLIN.

    And then they go and make something like this… AND TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES! Given, of course, that this is a real thing and will work much like the video.

    I can’t think of a better computer for students, or a lot of professions too, actually. If it’ll also link up with a Bluetooth keyboard for those times when you need to type, it’ll be a behemoth. Awesome-wise, I mean.

  5. Chris Loreiag says:

    Come on, now. I would rather have a netbook. Seriously.
    And again, come on. TWO pieces of glass you carry around? And I thought a Mac tablet was a bad idea…

  6. Julia says:

    This looks really promising, though what I really want a tablet computer for is to use photoshop. This didn’t show functions like that, but what it did show was impressive. I’d be nice if it became available in the near future. I’ve heard of tablet’s that function like a monitor, but I can never find them. Do they actually exist?

  7. Jason says:

    All I have to say is that it better have the capability of switching to “left handed” mode…

  8. Beth says:

    Boy, this looks a lot like evernote functionality with Apple technology. I bet Apple is really close to that already.

  9. Mike says:

    I agree with Chris. This is at least 5 years away.

  10. Nick says:

    Interacting with computers like they are real world objects is so sexy! Glad to see them using a stylus, so much faster then typing on a touch screen.

  11. Grover says:

    Speaking of Apple, this video looks awfully familiar.

  12. Michael Woodruff says:

    DAMN! It’s time to start tossing around the Your Momma Jokes pretty soon. Apple’s getting seriously dissed. They better man up.
    It’s gonna be a Karate Kid ending for Apple…if there is a happy ending. They better have a trainer like Pat Morita on their side. It’s the only way they are going to pull this off without disgrace.

  13. Mary says:

    Here’s a compliment for ya:
    I’ve literally been up all night crying because I just found out my doctor/friend has bone cancer. This post made me laugh out loud and I couldn’t be a tougher crowd right now. You really are a tonic. Thank you.

  14. Chris says:

    Yeah, like this is real…or will EVER come to market. I have a bit of experience with the folks in Redmond and I just can’t see this coming to pass.