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Merengue Dog

That dress covers nothing. You can still TOTALLY see that dog’s snizz.

via Jason Chen

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  1. Koowie says:

    Haha. I love it! My dog is getting a kick out of it as well!!

  2. Bobbye says:

    I don’t know any MEN that can do that well!!

    Great performing pooch!

  3. andoran_g33k says:

    Excuse me, “Animal Abuse” but unless you are a veterinarian I think I’ll stand by what I said. The dog is fine. If the owner sees that his dog is having problems, he’ll take it to a vet and stop dancing with it if that is the problem, which I have a hard time believing. And as for TV and computer screens, please explain why my mother has dry eyes and my vision is 20/500, if they’re so harmless? Don’t believe everything PETA tells you.

  4. Animal Abuse says:

    @andoran_g33k , really? that’s the best you could come up with? um, yes why wouldn’t out hands be fit to play the piano? the amount of strain on our hands is purely muscle, if any TRUE “strain” at all…not pressure on bones etc. Eyes on a computer screen? Wtf? It’s scientifically proven that looking at TV too much or too close doesn’t ruin our eyes. It will make muscles tired but that is all. We as humans are smart enough to realize what is pushing our body and what isn’t. This is a dog, he is classically conditioned to do this and will continue to do so on command unless his/her trainer stops. Even when the dogs spinal cord is giving out, it will still do this stupid act until the damage is irreversible. Go kick rocks.

  5. violee says:

    So? What’s wrong with “snizz?” We all know the dirty word is “zz..s”

  6. Lincoln says:

    you said “snizz”

  7. Scrufy 1 says:

    Lol. Awsome.

    @andoran_g33k agreed.

  8. andoran_g33k says:

    I feel bad for these people that can’t appreciate something funny. Humans do all sorts of things for which their bodies are not designed. You think our hands are designed for playing the piano? Our eyes designed for looking at a computer screen? And that dog looks very happy. I’m sure that guy treats that dog well and it’s just happy to be pleasing all the people watching it and its human. It doesn’t have any desire whatsoever to run in front of a semi. It’s probably thinking, “I bet I’ll get LOADS of dog biscuits after this!!” So please, people, stop being holier than thou and just laugh. Or at least don’t condescend to everyone else.

  9. Thomas Beecher says:

    I feel bad for thesse dogs that are trained to stand on their hind legs like that. Their bodies are not designed to put pressure in those areas. By next year, that dog may no longer be able to walk because of the stress and consequent damage done to the bones. It might be amusing to you, but it’s severely harming the animal.

  10. I’m partial to that graceful backward sauntering.

  11. rich says:

    I don’t know…that dog’s carriage is for shit and that was hardly closed position.

  12. Micpear says:

    A dog can dance better than kate gosselin

  13. deb says:

    Proof that dogs are FAR better at learning than many humans (and far more motivated)…
    …and are FAR more desperate-to-please than many of us!
    (That canine has a better wardrobe than I could ever afford, even if I CAN find another job–and it fits the dog far better than any of the cheap garments I bought on clearance do me!)

  14. DefconDan says:

    I’m embarrassed for the dog… and humanity in general. So where’s the followup video where the dog rushes in front of a speeding semi and just waits the sweet release of oblivion?

    Sorry I forgot to use my Internets voice for this response:


    OK I just threw up in my mouth a little… ok I’m lying a lot…. going to go find a semi now….

  15. Emmy says:

    Omg, new favorite animal video.

    I hope that doggie got some cupcakes or something after that.

  16. Joseph says:

    That’s a doggie that really wants to pleast its person.

  17. Alex says:

    This is nothing, the Russians have been ahead of us in dancing animal acts for years.

  18. tsanmax says:

    This made me laugh, it’s amazing this pup can dance better then me. LOL

  19. Eileen says:

    Damn! You made my day! I just got out of a mind-numbingly boring meeting with my boss. I needed this.

    I’ve got a Golden Retriever that is amazing – but not THAT amazing!

  20. Juanfe says:

    Best thing about it: the song is an old-school Merengue called “El Baile del Perrito”, The Little Doggie’s Dance.

    The barking? It’s part of the song!

  21. Kristin says:

    That made me smile. 🙂 That dog has better balance than I do, and I’m naturally bipedal.

  22. toychristopher says:

    That didn’t make me happy. That made me incredibly disturbed.

  23. Mark says:

    I really can’t believe this is real. I can’t even get my dog to roll over anymore.

  24. Lhyzz says:

    That was the best thing I’ve seen in, like, a week.

  25. Ainslee Lara says:

    BEST. THING. EVER. Yet I’m embarrassed that my dog doesn’t do a single trick. p.s. Not so crazy about the comment about the dog’s revealing dress. I’d re-posted the link to share on FB & thought I’d give Nerdist some extra publicity [instead of finding the original video from YouTube & posting from there], but was very disappointed that it looked like a nasty post b/c of the “dog snizz” comment.

  26. Horacio says:

    the sexual tension is palpable

  27. Patti says:

    haha, that was great! Now wouldn’t it be funny if the dogs’ name was Britney?? Just sayin’…

  28. Jordan says:

    How the hell do you train a dog to do that!?!? And it looks genuinely happy the whole time too!

  29. Sarah Clark says:

    It’s the graceful head tilt during the twirls that slays me.

  30. Watching says:

    God, I hope he has a girlfriend. Or boyfriend. Just be a person.

  31. Cam says: