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Mega-Julia vs. Giant Octo-Julia

The following blurb went out this morning to all of the ArcLight Cinema members in their periodical newsletter. Even though the Academy tends to shun colossal monster comedies, I think Meryl Streep is a shoo-in for her vividly authentic portrayal of Giant Octopus.


Image: Arclight

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  1. NeuroMan42 says:

    That movie rocked. We watched it at Darkside Comics in Sarasota last week. It had many Oscar worthy moment, and really showed how freakishly weird looking Debbie Gibson is. Plus we made up a song based on Debbie’s “Electric Youth” song just for the soundtrack… “Giant Shark Tooth!”

  2. Palingram says:

    I freakin’ love this.

  3. this is an epic win.

  4. Geek says:

    Now, see, that I would watch, mostly because it sounds like an MST3K movie.

    It would probably make an awesome t-shirt as well.

  5. Ok, so, to review, the woman is playing the part of something that is going to get turned into calamari when the other character finally finds her? I may be confused 🙂

  6. Blucola says:

    A giant octopus that cooks french cuisine! It’s a multi-layered role incorporating her struggles as she evades being hunted to extinction by Amy as the mega-octopus, while at the same time whipping up the perfect hollandaise sauce. Hellloooo!!

  7. Daveronius says:

    I’ll be she’s glad for a role she can finally sink her teeth into.

  8. Kerry says:

    Man, that’s almost as ridiculous as the movie’s actual plot. Which I have seen, don’t doubt for a second that I haven’t.

  9. Furnock says:

    It’s like Mama Mia. Streep isn’t a singer, She just acted the way a singer would act and viola.

  10. Deltus says:

    Meryl Streep is so awesome, she COULD play a damned good and completely believable giant octopus! Amy Adams a shark, though?