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Matthew McConaughey Flees the Dustbowl in the Latest INTERSTELLAR Trailer

“We’re not meant to save the world. We’re meant to leave it.”

That’s Michael Caine, providing another mentor role for Christopher Nolan in the second trailer for Interstellar. Warner Brothers has finally pulled back the curtain on the film which has up until now lived in teases and quick, seemingly meaningful glimpses. After months of keeping plot details and even character names a secret (seriously, check out its sparse IMDB page), the studio has shown us what Nolan’s been up to all these months.

Go ahead and watch the trailer, and I’ll run through what grabbed my attention below. If you’re on a mobile device and the Yahoo embed isn’t playing nice, watch the video posted by WB UK.

The very obvious bits: Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a pilot (and engineer) forced to farm when the global food market collapses. But when a chance to head out into space and find a new home for humanity pops up, he flings himself into the stars for a years-long voyage.

It looks like the action will be split between the voyage and life back on Earth in the intervening years: I’m guessing Jessica Chastain plays the adult version of Cooper’s daughter Murphy, and by the way Cooper and crew are vacuum-sealed into their ship, it seems like they’ll be gone quite a while. Also: how far into the future is this? Technology seems to be close to what we have in the present-day, but Cooper notes that the drone we see flying across his field is from India. Are we beefing with India in Christopher Nolan’s dark vision of the future?

The big question is, what do our intrepid explorers they find when they reach their destination?

So? Does this trailer have you excited like this is Gravity 2.0? Or worried that it might be Contact 2.0?

Interstellar will be in theaters this November.

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  1. tmccartney says:

    Am I the only one who LIKED Contact?

  2. michael says:

    they find another earth with plants and animals and then they try to leave and then the cancel everything good gods cancel the whole thing.

  3. Nick says:

    I thought the drone belonged to the first people “Indians” it would just be a farmer referring to native Americans as such. Why would Indian Indians care about one farms solar panels?

  4. Jeff Geurin says:

    The brief glimpse we get of the wormhole looks beautiful.  Kip Thorne has definitely been behind the scenes on this one.