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Matt Smith & Orbital Perform “Doctor Who” Theme at Glastonbury 2010


via @kingsantaric

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  1. Andrew says:

    Amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This song is so f*cking great!!!!!

  2. mechas8n says:

    That’s one of those Vindication moments. Where you get to feel that “YES you Bastards All this time I’ve been telling you its great!” Now its closing the set a Glasto. 20 Fucking years ostracised and when it comes storming back and my knowlegdge of past stuff would come in usefull and I find myself in the wrong bloody country!

  3. Abby says:

    MY SENTIMENT EXACTLY. Glastonbury kicks every other festival’s ass.

    And Azza, I completely agree. Matt Smith + anything DOES equal AWESOME.

  4. Patti says:

    sobokhan – Yeah, it’s like you go to youtube, you’re already watching, and the description says “This performance contains strobe lighting”. They started right away. I’m epileptic, but strobes don’t bother me too much. I didn’t have a problem. but someone more sensitive might. But, despite the too little, too late warning, I thought it was very cool.

  5. sobokhan says:

    I like how it mentioned that strobe lights were used well after someone would start having their fits.

  6. nascent says:

    Wow, that’s the first and probably only thing that was worth listening to from Glastonbury.
    <3 Orbital.

  7. scott says:

    matt smith you are a multi talented man and that was some fine dj work doctor

    excellent find chris

  8. Sean Storrs says:

    Hey Chris:

    Thanks for this. Orbital have been keeping a low profile since the release of the “Blue Album” in 2004. Good to know they dust off their decks once in a while. A version of this song, (called “Doctor?”) is on their CD “The Altogether.”

  9. Giant Squid says:

    Sheer awesomeness.

  10. Amelia Pond says:

    I still love me some David Tennant, but the was so damn cool that Matt Smith may have just overtaken him in awesomeness 🙂

  11. Travocity says:

    Why wasn’t he wearing a bow tie?!!!?

  12. jason wedge says:

    Dieter: the tune you mean is “Exterminate – Day of The Hardcore” by DMS. Brilliant tune, and nothing to do with that KLF nonsense!

  13. summer says:

    matt smith and karen gillan were on an episode of PRI’s The Sound of Young America podcast

  14. Giggleloop says:

    So, Chris, any more news on getting Matt Smith on the Nerdist podcast? I saw you mention on Twitter a while back, but I haven’t heard anything more. Now that this season’s over, maybe he’ll have time to come to America & be on! That would be awesome.

    (I’d also settle for David Tennant, I guess…. *swoon*)

  15. Azza says:

    In all fairness, Matt Smith + Anything = Awesome

  16. Sara says:

    If you want to see a strange, lounge version of Doctor Who sung in French by comedian Bill Bailey, here you go. Video features Doctors 1-10 (no Matt Smith, since it predates his tenure).

  17. PattiT says:

    Thank you for posting this….I live in the US and just love Doctor Who and Matt 🙂

  18. Sandra says:

    Epic nerdgasm right there. As much as I love David Tennant, Matt wormed his way into my heart with his bow tie and his hilarious dance moves from the finale. Thanks Chris!

  19. @jodiferous says:

    There has got to be some kind of skypey voipy timey wimey way of getting Matt Smith on the podcast. Or David Tennent! Or both at the same time!

    Ouch. My head just exploded.

  20. JoJo says:

    Go Hartnoll brothers! =]

  21. Sarah Clark says:

    AHHH I’ve watched this like 10 times in a row. So awesome.

    Was Matt Smith actually doing anything up there? I wonder if they gave him a non-functional DJ board and just let him press buttons so he felt like he was contributing.

  22. Patti says:

    I don’t even watch Dr. Who *please don’t hurt me* but I may start. Anyway, that was freaking awesome!! Thanks for sharing, Chris!

  23. THAT is the costume he should wear as Dr. Who. it suits his style much better.

  24. Keenan says:

    That was a nice way to get a quick Doctor Who fix until The Doctor Who Adventures are available ing the States (yes I will be paying for it, because I love the Doctor enough to split with my hard earned money for him., and The Sarah Jane Adventures this fall. If only Torchwood was airing between now and then…

    Matt Smith + Fez = COOL

  25. Andrea says:

    As a Dr.Who fan why don’t you tell us how you liked season 5,especially the final?

  26. Ian Wright says:

    It’s the clash of the nerds and the graphic designers…

  27. Saltpork says:

    Matt needs his fez from the finale. Fez’s are cool!!!

  28. Martin J says:

    That was awesome.

    The Time Lords was another name used by Bill Drummond and the KLF which makes the Doctorin’ the tardis even better.

  29. Azza says:

    There has to be a case for Matt Smith being the most person alive. Youth football player who turned to acting after a career threatening injury and became the freaking Doctor, and then DJed at Glastonbury. I mean, what more can he do with his life? Race car driver and man whore are pretty much the only dreams left

  30. Dieter, I believe you’re thinking of the novelty single “Doctorin’ the TARDIS” by the Time Lords. It was basically a remix of the theme mashed up with “Rock n Roll, pt. 2” by Gary Glitter and new vocals. It was also awesome as hell.

  31. Kevin says:

    I think I had a nerdgasm when the song ended. Matt Smith is definitly talented!

  32. Lhyzz says:

    Matt Smith is too adorable. Yes, that was a sonic screwdriver in his hand! *squee*

  33. Stacey says:

    [dies of ecstasy]

  34. Don says:

    I rarely use this word but that was… nerdtastic!

    Everytime I hear that theme song (no matter what version it might be), takes me back to my youth in Tampa meeting a different Doctor each year at the annual Doctor Who con.

  35. Dieter says:

    Doctor Who. Such a great show, such a great experience. Thank you for sharing! This reminds me of that Doctor Who theme song from the late ’80s/early ’90s that included Dalek voices shouting “Exterminate!” Now, I’ll have to go find a copy of that, too.

    Dieter (@QuietRumbling)

  36. Jesus says:

    DUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!! that was epic!!!

  37. Alex says:

    So The Doctor is a soccer player AND a DJ.

  38. Matt says:

    Quite possibly what the word amazing was invented to describe.

  39. Don says:

    Probably because you don’t own a TARDIS…