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Massive: WORLD OF WARCRAFT’s New Horde Warchief (SPOILERS)

Less than 48 hours after World of Warcraft‘s Patch 5.4, “The Siege of Orgrimmar”, was released, listed Alliance guild “Availed” (Anvilmar – US) to take World’s First in the defeat of 10-player Garrosh Hellscream. Hours later, Horde guild “Void” (Laughing Skull – US), claimed their victory. So much for pausing to smell the Stratholme Lilies, huh? Two different end-game cinematics have surfaced – one for each faction. Check ’em out below.



Now for the spoilers (of what we know so far):

1) The new Horde Warchief is Vol’jin! Finally, a Warchief who can do handstands.

2) Garrosh doesn’t die. He’s getting locked up and being put on trial in Pandaria. I’m sure that’ll go smoothly.

3) Lastly, Varian Wrynn finally feels like a real KING for once (even though his role in the Alliance cinematic reminded me a lot of Stannis Baratheon). He yelled! He grunted! He struck his sword into the ground! You know, KING STUFF. Perhaps I’m biased – I usually see things through the Horde point of view, but the Alli have always seemed to lack that strong center of leadership which Thrall embodied for the Horde.

Now we have a very dense and fractured cast of players lined up for the next World of Warcraft expansion. Knowing what we know now…what do you think the next expansion will be? Talk to me on Twitter, and leave us your thoughts below!

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  1. petehasplans says:

    Last time I played WoW seriously was Wotlk. MMO’s aren’t what they used to be. I do miss it sometimes! Nice to see other people still enjoy it though.

  2. I stopped playing a few months ago, so I’m a little out of the loop. But both of those videos gave me chills. Damn, I think I miss that game…

  3. WillyTheGreat says:

    I thought both of these were awesome, and though I haven’t played WoW since early WotLK I’m excited to see what the next expansion, if there is one; will be.