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March Madness, Lego Style

There’s always a tension between nerd culture and sports. For every nerd who likes your big mainstream spectator sports, there are many who don’t. That’s fine. To each his or her own.

But it is possible — I like to think I’m proof — to be a rabid sports fan (worse, I’m a rabid fan of the Philadelphia teams; please don’t judge) AND a true nerd. The worlds intersect all the time, from things like baseball statistics to video games.

And then there’s this. With the NCAA basketball tournament set to start this week, has four famous moments in March Madness history depicted in a way a nerd can get behind: Lego stop-motion animation.

I like the “You Just Peaked” sign a “spectator” is waving at Christian Laettner. And picking the Fab Five and Chris Webber’s unfortunate time out as one of the “greatest moments” in tournament history is inspired. But if it doesn’t show Villanova upsetting big bad Georgetown in 1985, it’s missing a “greatest moment.” On the other hand, I’m not impartial towards that one.

This is not, by a long shot, the first of its kind — there was a great Lego version of the England-USA World Cup match highlights last year — but Lego-izing great sports moments always works for me.

HT: NBC Sports

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  1. Jake says:

    On the one hand, the lego video had legos in it; on the other hand, two of the four “greatest moments” had Duke winning, which is still awful to watch, no matter the format.