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Manga Entertainment to Reissue GHOST IN THE SHELL Film

OG anime watchers can ready their collections for this fall, because Manga Entertainment will be re-releasing the first Ghost in the Shell film in glorious high definition. The film’s reissuing is in conjunction with Anchor Bay Entertainment and in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the original Ghost in the Shell manga.

We learned back in January that Rupert Sanders would be directing the live-action film adaptation of the cyberpunk police drama, and fingers are crossed we’ll receive more details on the series’ move away from animation very soon (possibly AX?).

The remastered Blu-ray release is scheduled to hit US store shelves on September 23, for $24.99. Are you looking forward to revisiting the intriguing universe of Ghost in the Shell this fall? Tell us how much you love Motoko and the gang in the comments below.


[HT: AnimeNewsNetwork]

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  1. gridsleep says:

    I own every imaginable figure and figurine of Motoko Kusanagi that can exist. Well, except for that one with the derpy expression that makes her look like she got hit on the back of the head with a ten pound bag of rice. But I have ALL the others. And the Tachikoma. Do I qualify? Will I be getting the high definition release? I don’t buy exactly what I already own just for some extra pixels. I won’t be buying it.

  2. Doug Raymond says:

    Hopefully it’s not the shitty Ghost in the Shell 2.0 where they replaced animation cells with CG haphazardly throughout the film. Just remaster the original for chrissake.

    • mikedudez says:

      that was awful after the first 10 minutes leading up to the making of her body i turned it off and started watching the dvd and surprise it was brighter and no cg.

      • CMTyson88 says:

        The worst part of it was the cg version of the diving scene… Made me want to die…