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Managing Time Management Interview

I happened to be up in San Francisco a few weeks ago and strolled into the Wired offices to have a sit-down chat with my editor Adam Rogers, an hilarious chap that I wish I had a podcast with because our conversations typically go so far down the nerd hole that their content screams “niche podcast.”  In the opening of the vid, I’m reading some salty “letters to the editor” from the front of the current issue that were written in response to “Technology’s Gutterball,” a piece I wrote two months ago about the infiltration of tech into bowling. The first letter starts with an unironic use of the word “hogwash,” so you know that guy’s easily in his early hundreds. The second is a finger wagging at my contentiouness toward the advancements of bowling science. I think both gentlemen failed to grasp the tongue-in-cheekity of it all. This is why there should be a font for sarcasm. Oh well. Better for these guys to get their complaints out in magazines than by shooting strangers in the park. Gripes Not Snipes, I always say.

The rest of the video is me arrogantly blabbing about writing the piece, which is NEVER not fun.

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  1. I can definitely see a podcast in the works. Having done over 75 podcasts in the past 18 months I know it would work for you guys. I would suggest holding hands while listening to Sarah McLachlans, “Angel” at least 15 minutes before recording the podcast. That way your feelings about blood sacrifices would meld into one.

    Great interview or whatever that thing was. It didnt’ seem like either one of you was the interviewer or the interviewee. I was confused, but that’s not a new thing for me, I have had a lot of head injuries throughout my 36 years and at times they come back to haunt me while trying to concentrate on things and stuff….duh….yeah and so…yup. (blacked out there for a second).

    I love the shirt by the way. It’s special. I find whacking off every 90 minutes can clear the head and get you refocused, my wife thinks I don’t love her anymore but it’s just that I can’t stand her, it’s not personal…I kid, I kid. It works, but looking at your complexion I would say you either get laid a lot or you shake hands with beef more than average.

    I’m feeling dirty and uncomfortable right now so I better shower and stop commenting on this.


  2. mackie says:

    I should try all of those things while saying digits of pi. 3.141592653589793238462433

  3. Chris Hardwick says:

    Magari: I always thought the same thing about those infomercial “get rick quick and easy” schemes. I wished they had started with “#1: Sell a get rich quick scheme.”

  4. Magari says:

    Read a little bit of each, but couldn’t get past the whole “Let’s bring you up to speed on how to be productive” tone.

    Living in the now works for me.

    Hard to get past the irony of self help books on the market that seem to help the author more than anyone else.

    If your motivated you’ll find your own system no matter what, but that seemed to be your point anyways.

    Good show sir.

  5. Ray J says:

    Top 10 Great Ideas in 2009:
    1. Chris Hardwick’s Irony Font
    2. Overwhelming public demand for Hardwick podcast
    3. A TV show about first dates… on a cruise ship? How crazy would that be? Wacky stuff.
    4. And then seven — wait, no six or maybe it would be seven more — well, until there are ten. total. that’s a list.

  6. mackie says:

    Im crapping on my farts

  7. Tony says:

    Why isn’t the irony mark more commonly used? It would be much easier to post innuendo’s on the intarwebs, without having to resort to shifty eyes <__> which sort of take the impact out of the sentence.

    Also, you should definitely host a podcast of some sort Chris, seriously just talk about tech, news, maybe some of your comedy, I’m sure it’d be a hit.

  8. mariam says:

    I actually had missed love point when I first read that page, but yes: too on the nose. I did giggle that the certainty point looks like an italicized cross with a period under it. Mostly because I don’t associate faith with certainty. But then I thought of it like a dripping dagger, and that could indicate some certain death.

  9. Entertaining as always. I have yet to try slitting goat throat to Sarah Mclachlan music as a productivity tool… but I’m open minded.

    Wired looks like a fun place to work. You should definitely leverage Wired’s massive popularity to get the Sarcasm font to go mainstream. I would certainly use it!

  10. Chris Hardwick says:

    Corey: word.

    mariam: That rules a lot. I love that it’s the same mark that was used for rhetorical questions. I’m not, however, a fan of the “love point.” That one is just too on the nose.

  11. mariam says:

    Don’t want to start a wiki-cascade (not conducive to time management), but I’d stumbled on this and this about a year ago.

    Between zings, snarks, and interrobangs…maybe a bishop’s fist or two pointing at an obviously wacky aside; maybe one can bypass the need for a whole sarcasmafont.

    Anyhow, I’d totally subscribe to a Hard’/Rod’ podcast.

  12. Corey says:

    from now on anytime I nerd-own someone, I’ma say “You just got Hardwick’d”.