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Episode 30: Making It
Collette Wolfe

Making It #30: Collette Wolfe

Riki talks with actress Collette Wolfe (Young Adult, Hot Tub Time Machine, Foot Fist Way) about persevering through hard times, setting goals and her craziest audition ever.

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  1. Christopher says:

    I had that Christopher Neck class…he ruined my life. Got me addicted to power bars too.

  2. Magnus K. says:

    I saw Collette Wolfe for the first time yesterday
    I rented “Young adult” and, I thought after the scene
    at the ending against Charlize Theron -that girl “Sandra” is a really interesting and splendid actress. So I went googling
    “Collette wolfe +interview” and found this great interview.
    NIce job that the journalist really let her speak,
    and Wolfe is just hilarious!
    I guess will be hearing a lot more about this actress in the future -here in Sweden too.

  3. keven says:

    Riki, you were talking about having to shove the pill down Angelina Jolie’s throat, and her saying to do it. I once heard someone who worked with Walt Disney say that Walt would disarm visitors who were working with him very quickly, to get to work, because them being in awe of him would get in the way of getting the job done.

  4. Limkenca says:

    Love, Love, Loved this podcast, Both Rikki and Collette’s story about getting their wallets stolen, getting mugged, then continuing to press on in life, was so inspirational. Sorry but “Making it” just beat out “The Adam Carolla Podcast” as best podcast, in my book!

  5. M.C. says:

    These ‘casts are so good, so useful always, Riki, but this was one of my favorites. Collette is hilarious and hearing her honest, unsentimental account of her career path was fascinating.

  6. Will says:

    Girl can TALK, but this was a really funny interview. So weird that she doesn’t think she’s a comedy person.