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Episode 3: Making It
Martin Gero
Making ItMaking It

Making It #3: Martin Gero

Riki talks with Martin Gero, a writer for HBO’s Bored to Death and writer/director of Young People F**king, Canada’s highest grossing comedy film.  They discuss how he got his start, navigating Hollywood as a Canadian, the writing process, and how being a nice guy pays off.

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  1. Moses says:

    Martin Gero is the man!! I loved his stories and sense of humor. Thank you Riki for another great interview!!! I’m just loving “Making It”!!!

  2. Todd Mason says:

    I certainly remember Kathy Bates’s nude scene in ABOUT SCHMIDT, and even more the audience in the theater groaning (and the subsequent whining since); it did seem odd that relatively less noise came up when Jack Nicholson, absolutely no better to behold, was nude in the same film. Then again, I remember the audience in the theater for WILD THINGS groaning (at least a bunch of men) when Kevin Bacon turns around in the shower, and in top condition. My companion to both films remembers the audience reaction to a scene in another film in which two men are having sex; that time, the women in the audience were groaning (they were conventionally attractive men, I’m told). The lesson I take: people are often idiots in movie theaters about nudity, but they clearly are a little more startled that a woman who isn’t conventionally attractive might get naked. (My favorite IMDb whine in this wise was for the movie ORDO: “There’s plenty of Marie Josee Croze in the buff, if you like chilly 30-something blondes…”; while I can appreciate a bit of sarcasm (but for what really isn’t gratuitous nudity), the notion of “Ugh, 30-something” [and the very pretty Marie-Josée Croze at 33 or so] has certainly stuck with me.

    Hey, I like writing, even in long sessions…though I’ve never made my primary living that way so far…

    Good show, folks.

  3. Walter says:

    Box Office Mojo only has the movie at $14,459.00 world wide grosses? Was the line about the top grossing Canadian film a joke I missed?

  4. Nathaniel H. says:

    And Stargate! Let’s not forget that! I look forward to listening to this one!