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Episode 2: Making It
Kate Micucci

Making It #2: Kate Micucci

Riki talks with the other half of Garfunkel and Oates, Kate Micucci (Raising Hope, Scrubs).  They discuss auditions, comedy and making a career for yourself.

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  1. G. Whiz says:

    I still can’t figure out of the theme song to this podcast is supposed to be sarcastic, or if it’s sincere. “If we try . . . touch the sky.” Really?!

  2. roddy says:

    GAWD u guys?!? That was srsly so awesome! I’m gonna have to listen to it again, but first I’m gonna tweet the link and put it on my Fb 🙂 Very inspiring. What a great great interview! And so weird b/c randomly “Vienna” came on my itunes today while it was on shuffle, and I was like, “what’s that song???” Cue twilight zone music. Thanks again for such a terrific talk!

  3. Roger says:

    Great interview. You guys actually had me yelling “Vienna! Vienna!” at my PC towards the end there. 🙂 I can think of worse choices for a theme song…

  4. P.F. Bruns says:

    @Robert Cockerham: Having too common a face for commercials is called having a “Bruns.”

    Seriously, though, I would think it depends on the ad you’re shooting for. I’m working on doing voiceover, not just because of my face, but because of my weight (which I am working on, honest).

  5. Moses says:

    I loved this Podcast!! More Please!!! The dynamite duo of Garfunkel and Oates are ………AWESOME!!!!!!

  6. Todd Mason says:

    You two are among the most charming as well as talented and percptive folks in your profession(s), which have no lack of talented, perceptive and charming folks…very impressive episode, and thanks to Nerdist for webhosting and to you for doing it. My friend Alice and I caught the first Philadelphia Micucci show with Tig Notaro and Stamie Karakasidi​s, and I’m sorry Alice was feeling poorly (but didn’t want to miss the show) , so we chose to duck out while y’all were still putting the post-show merch tables together, taking a quick opportunity to congratulate Karakasidi​s on her fine set (she was standing a little ways off by herself, apparently with nothing to put on the tables, and seemed and indeed was approachable as no one was trying to get her attention for tabling stuff or attagirls at the moment)…but all three of you were great, in your diverse ways…and looking forward to my first G&O show.

  7. Great interview, but big missed opportunity talking to her about wanting to be a toy designer! Would’ve loved to hear more on how probable a career like that would have been… what you have to major in, how well it pays, more about the industry. Curious about odd jobs!

  8. Matt says:

    Great ep. Riki’s a great interviewer.

  9. Jen says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I listened to the Jason Ritter episode last night on the way home and started this episode on the way to work. It’s great to learn about different paths that brought people to where they are. I am currently in a bit of a funk and this podcast, and the Nerdist podcast, get my creativity flowing and are motivating to get out and do something! I look forward to more episodes. 🙂

  10. JD says:

    Great show. Glad to have a new podcast from nerdist industries.

    Also, holy fuck, Robert Cockerham commented. I found your site a long time ago back when Steve from the Sneeze was still updating all the time.

    Glad to see you’re lurking the interwebs still, I will visit your site when I’m off work and check out your various shenanigans!

  11. matt says:

    This is great! Any ideas on who you’re going to do next?

    (if you’re open to suggestions, might I suggest the comics writer Faith Erin Hicks ( ? )

  12. Art says:

    That didn’t take long! Very excited to listen on my bike ride tonight.

  13. @sybarite_ says:

    Everyone should know what’s special about themselves. That’s a cool idea, thanks Riki. Great conversation, keep ’em coming.

  14. Greg says:

    Very interesting stuff. Not relevant just for those in entertainment, but any creative endeavor. As a chef, I relate to lots of this.

  15. I’m interested in the business of television commercials. Is $5,000 for a one-off national brand commercial typical?

    Also, is there an industry term for when your face is too common to get new jobs?

  16. Logan says:

    Really enjoyed this interview. Would have loved to hear her sing more.