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Episode 19: Making It
Chris Hardwick

Making It #19: Chris Hardwick

Riki talks with comedian/actor/writer Chris Hardwick (Nerdist, Web Soup) about self help, designing his own destiny and the decisions that changed his life.

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ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

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Meltdown Comics, an LA Landmark, to Close After 25 Years

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  1. Ben says:

    I love 99% of the stuff I hear on Nerdist anyway, but this particular episode of the podcast was so affecting on me, loved it!

    Keep up the great work Riki!

  2. Scott says:

    An informative and motivational podcast that will be hard to beat. Nice to hear the event that launched Nerdist; Chris has referred to it vaguely on his own podcast.

  3. Really enjoying the interview, just a quick note:
    If it appears that Riki is suggesting that A Course In Miracles is a self-help system for finding success in life, it is not. Nothing in ACIM happens in the physical world.

  4. I wanna reach for the stars. Between this and watching “A Chorus Line” earlier today, it seems like the world is trying to tell me something.

    Thanks you guys.

  5. Brian E. says:

    Great ep again. I love when Big C talks about himself (rare I know!) 🙂 His outlook on the business and his own life is always great to listen to.

    Sad to hear he and Janet split up but he seems to be doing well.

  6. Sarah says:

    That’s a really good way of looking at it, Di!

  7. -Di. says:

    It really is difficult to put yourself out there. It is even more difficult to keep at it when interest is non-existent. But like Chris says it’s not about the thing itself but the doing. It is almost the concept of a a cup under dripping faucet. There might be one drop going into that cup at a time. So when you start there does not seem to be much there. But eventually you end up with a full cup.

    Thank you Chris for continuing to inspire.

  8. Sarah says:

    I know what you mean, Rob. Trying really hard to get over my fear off putting myself and my work out there to make it as a designer, but IT’S SO HARD AND SCARY. Sigh.

    P.S. Awesome podcast! Chris and Riki rock

  9. Rob S. says:

    Well I think it is natural that Chris do some of the podcasts on the nerdist Network. Also all these people are so much above me because they’ve gotten over their FEAR.

  10. Lee Dorian says:

    Now ex girlfriend, producer of SF Sketchfest? Chris and Janet split up? That sucks to hear but sounds like everything’s cool. Awesome episode, though, this podcast is like a weekly reminder that dreams are worth going after and aren’t as unrealistic as the rest of the world would have you believe.

  11. Jay says:

    just a site comment, the pictures for alot of the articles seem quite pixelated, makes it distracting away from the nice design of the rest of the site

  12. John48221 says:


  13. Pedak says:

    Who the heck is Chris Hardwick?

    Some sort of hardcore porno candle-maker I reckon.

  14. Livius says:

    I have so many podcasts backed up.
    (So many on the Nerdist network)

    I think I’ll listen to this one first though.

  15. I'm doing this the classy way says:

    Big C is first class all the way!