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Episode 15: Making It
Ben Schwartz

Making It #15: Ben Schwartz

Riki talks with Ben Schwartz (House of Lies, Parks and Recreation, Undercovers) about doggedly pursuing your passion, making your own luck and the power of persistence.

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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What Are Captain Marvel's Superpowers?

What Are Captain Marvel's Superpowers?



  1. BMajor says:

    I feel like an idiot. I can’t get any of these podcasts to download to my android phone. Any tips?

  2. Oscar says:

    Awesome. This is becoming one of my favorite podcasts.

  3. JimC says:

    Cool! ‘Jean-Ralphio’ is probably my favourite secondary character on TV right now, and that’s all down to Ben Schwartz and how perfectly he plays that character.

  4. It’s funny I started listening because my sister was like, “Riki used to sing funny songs at HiHo, etc…” – and now this is one of my favorite podcasts. I *love* how everyone has amazing stories and stuff that happens along the way.

  5. Brian E. says:

    Finally finished this and it was FANTASTIC. So much info and great stories from Ben. Great, great guest.

  6. Remster says:

    Hate to post something that’ll be completely irrelevent soon, but there’s no streaming thing. I listen to the podcasts at work and streaming is the only way I can do it, so once that’s fixed I’ll be all over this ^_^

  7. karl says:

    Big fan of the show since episode 1, the phantom senior abuelito menace. Still waiting for my scarf/gloves. you guys should try to get Ron Paul on the website. He’s the nerd’s candidate, an MD and economist, uncorruptable-Lobbyists don’t even bother trying. He needs nerd support to fix america. please help the cause. thanks.

  8. Brian E. says:

    I lvoe Ben Schwartz! can’t wait to listen to this one.