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Episode 14: Making It
Bitsie Tulloch

Making It #14: Bitsie Tulloch

Riki talks with actress Bitsie Tulloch (GRIMM, Quarterlife) about the merits of studying your craft, the truth about auditions and the power of blind luck.

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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What Are Captain Marvel's Superpowers?



  1. kelli says:

    AMAZING podcast! Do you know of a good auditioning class here in LA? Thank you for all of the advice Bitsie and congrats on all of your success!

  2. marcus says:

    Not trollin, dude. Your connections can only get you so far. If you have an average face and average talent, your connections are irrelevant. Little Bitsie here falls into that category. It doesn’t matter who she knows, where she went, or where she’s from.

  3. JohnSned says:

    Marcus.. you are a troll my friend.

    Rikki love your podcasts! I am a huge fan, I got turned on to your podcast from your appearance on Adam Corrolla’s podcast. When is Garfunkle and Oats going to Portland?

  4. marcus says:

    Derp, forgettable Legacy actress. Thanks everyone for supporting… no one.

  5. Germ says:

    Interesting show, but I couldn’t help but feel that Bitsie’s mysterious zen attitude and confidence comes from the financial security of having a banker father. If not booking something meant getting kicked out of your apartment I don’t think you would be so selective…

  6. JenBella says:

    I totally know who she is and she’s a great actress. Her christmas episode of House is one of my favorites because of her. Plus she was the lead actress and did the voiceovers and everything of that show quarterlife that was all over the place a few years ago. The show was a little too young for my taste with all the vlogging but she’s really pretty and versatile. Good interview 🙂
    PS Marcus just wikipedia’d her – Bitsie was a family nickname and I happen to think its very memorable.

  7. RussNeverSleeps says:

    @marcus While you may ‘respect what this podcast wants to do’, it seems clear that you don’t actually understand the ‘entire point of a podcast called “Making It”‘. It’s fallacious to suggest that in order to “make it” in the entertainment industry, you have to be famous— that marcus has to know “who the hell you are”. For every “famous” performer, there are hundreds of successful working actors, comedians, musicians, writers, etc. of whom you have never heard.

    From the podcast description: “There’s no road map for show business and everyone’s story is different, so Riki interviews people about how they started, how they’ve kept it going and what they’ve learned along the way.”

    If you just want to hear interviews with celebrities, there are plenty of other podcasts and shows out there.

  8. Zach Tarr says:

    I was a HUGE quarterlife fan. wish i saw more of her – she was so good as Dylan. Looking forwad to Grimm. Go Bitsie! Thanks for these interviews Riki.

  9. marcus says:

    I respect what this podcast wants to do, and all but – who? Who the hell is this person? You haven’t “made it” if no one on the planet knows who the hell you are. I understand Lindhome has limited resources, as she isn’t exactly famous herself, but that kinda undercuts the entire point of a podcast called “Making It,” doesn’t it? This chick’s name is “Bitsie” for Christ’s sake.

  10. thanks Rikki! There are a lot of interview with actor type shows and your really stands out. One thing that I think is really missing from the space that you fill is interviews with female actors. I’m a big Kevin Pollack but I never like his interviews with women. you rock!

  11. Mike Jenkins says:

    Donal Logue mentioned being a Harvard grad a bunch of times when he was on the Nerdist podcast, too.