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Look: Chris Hardwick, the ORIGINAL Stacee Jaxx In “Rock Of Ages”

Chris Hardwick singing “Wanted Dead or Alive” in a white cowboy hat and wig? Why, yes. And an explanation: Back in 2005-06, there was a little musical here in L.A. called Rock of Ages. Yes, THAT Rock of Ages. Chris was the original Stacee Jaxx in the original production, before it went to Broadway and became a hit there and then became the starring vehicle for Tom Cruise that opens in your local multiplex this weekend. The original cast included Kyle Gass of Tenacious D, the Dan Band’s Dan Finnerty, and Broadway actress and country singer Laura Bell Bundy. Chris couldn’t go with the show to Broadway due to other commitments, but we still have this video record of Chris-as-Stacee for our video scrapbook. Ah, memories.

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  1. Jack Faire says:

    You mean after Ralph Garman did the role in LA before it was moved to NYC?

  2. JodiBee says:

    OMG I just listened to the Tenacious D returns episode. Chris Hardwick, you rocked it!

  3. Jason G says:

    Um.. i realize you dudes probably have little control over this BUT.. I’ve tried, like, THIRTY times to view this without success. PLEASE bomb YouTube or tell them to FIX their f*cking bandwidth issue!!!!!

  4. Ren says:

    Hey, Chris.
    Rob Delany and Scott Aukerman have both had a musical theatre past as well.
    All Star Comedy People Musical Theatre Sing Off?
    Yes, please.

  5. Chuck W. says:

    Which one had an ad-lib make it into the script? That guy is better.

  6. cj says:

    @ChrisHardwick @Nerdist: How long were you grotesquely fat and how long did it take you to get into shape? Because you looked like you were already hot by 2005. Your gay following must be huge

  7. Overlord says:

    Yeah the guys have any number of variations on finger banging. Yet they have no word for snow.

  8. Ben Z says:

    that’s what I was thinking especially considering a certain Chris Hardwick joke along those lines.

    @Chris Hardwick
    I’m pretty sure when my wife sees this, she’s going to love you even more.

  9. Melissa says:

    I would want to see the movie if Chris was in it….instead of the king of short man’s complex, Tom Cruise. Barf. Chris = YAY! I love Chris’s singing. Sing MORE!!

  10. Overlord says:

    I just remembered that finger sandwiches are a real thing but when I first heard this I thought it was a euphamism. “Did you bone?” “Naw but she let me give her finger sandwiches”.

  11. Joe Smith says:

    There is no way that there isn’t a recording of the entire play somewhere.

    Also, I had to listen to the soundtrack to the movie (working at a record store and all) and here are 2 things that annoyed me:

    1) Tom Cruise does not have the same “resting in a wheelbarrow set of balls” power that Chris has. So all of his songs sound very light and auto-tuned.


    2) They took out the part where Stacee Jaxx sings “Don’t Stop Believing” in Spanish. You know, the part that was Chris’ idea!

    The chances of me ever seeing the movie are slim, but if a full recording of the L.A. 05/06 show ever becomes available, I will watch the shit out of it over and over.

  12. Tubbs McGee says:

    Tea and Finger Sandwiches!

    That’s gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the day now.

    P.S. Does that work? Is that what I’ve been missing with the ladies? Tea and Finger Sandwiches? Or is the open shirt, abs, Rockstar thing a contributing factor?

  13. Betsy says:


  14. Kait says:

    This is pretty much amazeballs. Chris is awesome!

  15. Josh says:

    Oh man, SO AWESOME! And then the line at the end was just hilarious. There I was, practically yelling, “Holy shit! He can sing for real! Like, for REAL for real!” And then HARDWICK goes, “…finger sandwich?” I peed a little. It’s true. Just a little.

  16. Three toes of Fury says:

    Nice try Perry, but we all know this is actually just some back stage footage from one of the recent live nerdist shows….Chris had himself 1 too many Chai Tea Latte’s and got a little crazy with the Karaoke n groupies!

    Seriously thou…thanks for posting…friggin Rock Star Nerdists rule.

    Peace .n. On a Steel Horse I Ride,


  17. Brian E. says:


  18. Vincent S says:

    the only reason I’m considering watching the movie is because Chris was involved in the play…

  19. Matt says:

    Yep. Better than Tom Cruise.