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Look: A Trailer For “The Nerdist: Year In Review”

Yes, it’s a teaser trailer for The Nerdist: Year in Review. You get little teeny-tiny glimpses of David Tennant and Simon Pegg and some other quick looks at the show. December 24th, BBC America, 9/8c. Start watching now so you don’t miss it.

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  1. Michael Arnell says:

    Is there any way one can utilize capitalism and purchase any of these Nerdist specials?

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  3. Ali says:

    I want to make the “Pew pew, pew pew!” into a ringtone. That would be awesome.

  4. John in Ohio says:

    Can’t fucking wait. Christmas Dr. Who and The Nerdist? Best Christmas ever.

  5. Aticus says:

    Ahahaha that little part at the end killed me.

    “pew pew, pew pew!”


  6. Sylvia says:


  7. GuanoLad says:

    There was once a popular TV show in Australia (and later picked up by other countries, most notably Ireland) called “The Panel”. A core panel of very funny hosts would have guests on and riff off the news and pop cultural events of the week. It’s not dissimilar to a few existing shows and podcasts, but I reckon its freeform looseness and irreverence would make it the perfect format for the “Nerdist” TV show.

  8. Bradhole says:


  9. Mark LaCroix says:

    Brilliant! Love Wil Weaton, and really looking forward to a full evening of quality Xmas Eve entertainment (especially now that my cable provider has BBCA-HD).

    I think I’m actually looking forward to this more than the Doctor Who Xmas special.

  10. Mitch says:

    I cant wait. I felt all fuzzy inside watching that.