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London Will Fall In 2015 In The Sequel To OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN

Remember last year when there were two competing White House-under-siege movies? Of course you do. One was a major summer release directed by Roland Emmerich entitled White House Down, and the other was the lesser marketed Olympus Has Fallen, directed by Antoine Fuqua. Well, in a surprising turn of events, one of those movies is getting a sequel, and it’s not the one that had all the marketing power of a major summer blockbuster.

The Wrap has revealed that Focus Features has acquired the U.S. distribution rights to London Has Fallen, a follow-up to the Gerard Butler-starring action/thriller. The film is currently scheduled for an October 2nd, 2015 release and is in search of a new director, since Antoine Fuqua has decided not to helm the follow-up.

Olympus Has Fallen was arguably the biggest ’80s action throwback of the year when it came out, something that was greatly magnified thanks to its highly deserved R rating.

Who do you think should direct the sequel? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. cc says:

    Propaganda does not need to make money.

  2. Otajon says:

    groundedGeek…. I don’t know how you can say it wasn’t terrible, cause it was. One of the worst action movies I ever attempted to watch. So bad, I turned it off and put Batman & Robin on to wipe it from my mind

  3. groundedGeek says:

    This may be because, of the two, Olympus was the only one that was not terrible. As the article said, it was SO reminiscent of 80’s over-the-top action flicks that it was actually kind of enjoyable from a nostalgic angle. Will it have Butler, is the question… otherwise, it will probably be much like a Speed 2. 😛