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L’il Doctors, Cyberkids & Da-Da-Daleks


He’s bigger on the inside.

via @PSUdai

A Dalek’s greatest weakness: TICKLEFIGHT!!!

via @jonahray

Who’s heart could resist being assimilated by this adorable Cybertyke?

via WorldOfFancyDress

Got any more adorable Mini-who themed pics? Share ’em here!

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  1. Reyna says:

    Bowties are cool.

  2. That is adorable. Someone cuter the David Tennant…

  3. That littlest Doctor (the #11 one) is my daughter. She’s making the rounds of the internet. I submitted that photo to Thinkgeek (where we got the screwdriver) She was the winner of the July “Photo of the Month” and once she hit the newsletter, everything just exploded. My “website” link points to another photo of her from a more recent photoshoot (She was 3mos in the first one, 6 in the latest)

  4. Mal says:

    Aww, I hope my hypothetical kids will be as receptive of my nerdiness. If not, boarding school.

  5. eviltigerlily says:

    The baby dressed as the Eleventh Doctor is a girl.

  6. Deltus says:

    That Cyberman costume is excellent!

  7. SciFiMommy says:


    I’m making my son an Eleventh Doctor Costume for Halloween!! He loves Doctor Who. He recognizes the music when it comes on, no matter if it’s Classic!Who or New!Who.

  8. Marie says:

    Hopefully that baby grows up to be as foxy as David Tennant some day…

  9. rosie says:

    ahhhh!! this is the best thing ever!! i want to be those kids!!

  10. barb says:

    @Kate – Awwww is right. 🙂

    This post leads me to wonder: when is Mr Hardwick going to start producing little Nerdlings…can you imagine the preciousness?

  11. Dana says:

    SO MUCH CUTENESS! I need to knit me one of those scarves. . . It’s a shame I can’t dress up as the Doctor.

  12. Sam says:

    Thts just awesome I’m going as the doctor this year for halloween well the 10th one cuzs I like him better and I’m 13 so its sad in a way

  13. This is the prefect thing for growing nerds in the US, it will help train them for the years in their 20s when they will spend most of their time explaining their esoteric t-shirt collection.

  14. Mallrat says:

    Should you really be dooming this children to virginity at such a young age?

  15. Amanda says:

    Oh, those are adorable! Here’s a pic of my son as the Tenth doctor. I just put it together really quick for Anime North and he loved it. Now I have to make him a Dalek costume for next year.
    Full length shot.
    Close up of his sonic and face.

    He’s such a huge fan of Doctor Who, same as me. 😀

  16. Julie says:

    And people thought Matt Smith was young.

  17. Kaye Winter says:

    LOL! These are great! My son went as a Cyberman for Halloween last year. (!/photo.php?pid=3390101&id=634691245&ref=fbx_album&fbid=174240391245) Granted, it was home made (except for the helmet), but this year he wants to be C’thulu!

  18. Kate says:

    I literally “awww”-ed out loud at my computer. So precious!

  19. Evan Thomas says:

    Why didn’t I have this growing up?!