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Let’s Start a Fight: Portal 2 vs. Skyrim

(In which I am super mean in an attempt to make you all explain to me why anyone with half a brain would prefer Skyrim over Portal 2. See? I AM DOING IT ALREADY.)

Listen up, nerds. I may not have a fancy Nerdist video game podcast or a regular column in the New Yorker or a steady income or any income or high self esteem or wear real pants on a regular basis but I do have the courage of my convictions and neither Kumail Nanjiani nor Emily V Gordon (both of whom I love in a creepy stalker way) can sway my opinion on this matter. The Best Video Game of the Year (announced during the Year in Review BBC America show which was so, so good you guys) should ABSOLUTELY have gone to Portal 2 and not effing SkyYAWN.


At this point you guys are either nodding along, muttering, even perhaps yelling “YES! EXACTLY! I AGREE! YOU ARE A GOLDEN GODDESS KIALA KAZEBEE HOWEVER THAT IS PRONOUNCED,” or you are slumped in a bean bag chair, drooling over some cabbages you found in an armoire and muttering about a fireball cat bandit cheese wheel spell thing you would like to cast upon me. Because if you prefer Skyrim over Portal 2 you are a complete moron, is what I mean to say. In a loving manner. But still. Moron.

I assume you want to know my reasoning behind this even though, duh, it seems pretty goddamn obvious, but I’ll tell you anyway in list format, because lists are easy to comprehend for tiny Skyrim loving brains and I have little to no patience for willful ignorance of what is a perfectly simple concept even a child could grasp*:

1. Portal 2 is so funny it could just be a thing you watched for 12 hours without ever touching the controller or solving one puzzle and it still would have had more exciting game play than 5 minutes of Skyrim.

2. In Portal 2, there are no mountains I am forced to run around and around and around until I find a stupid cave or something and finally get to do something other than CHOP MOTHEREFFING WOOD OR WHATEVER. Not one mountain. I hate mountains. And wood. Now.

3. Wheatley.

4. No one really cares about Norse fantasy except maybe hardcore Tolkien fans and they’ve already got ALL THE THINGS.

5. Wheatley.

6. In Skyrim you collect potatoes. In Portal 2 there is a sentient genius mind inside a potato who passive-aggressively tries to get you killed multiple times because its feelings are hurt. That is my kind of potato.

7. Something something lemon metaphor, Cave Johnson, and hobos. You guys know what I’m talking about. It’s awesome.

8. I spent three hours trying to make my elf look reasonably attractive in Skyrim and she still scares the fuck out of me anytime I switch the camera view to third person. Chell, on the other hand, is lovely. (Don’t pretend like you all didn’t do the same thing making your characters into something other than the scary dude from Goonies. If you say you didn’t, you are lying and will not get into Valhalla, so shut up.)

9. Singing Turret Choirs. I mean… what? This game is the best.

10. There is an overwhelming amount of cake in Skyrim, I’ll give it that, but who really wants that much dessert? And isn’t the lesson here that it’s not the illusive cake we’re all desperately seeking… but love? All Skyrim taught me is that I really, really hate uppity mages who won’t share their arcane knowledge with me even though I asked nicely. Twice.

So. There you have it! Now put that science in your bindle and go warm your cold skyrim hands over a hobo fire! (I mean, disagree with me in the comment section)

*I really like Skyrim. I am just playing the Devil’s Avocado. God. I’m really hungry.

UPDATE: My gaming friend Veronica Belmont has posted her own rebuttal to my (incredibly awesomely) right opinion. It’s embarrassing how wrong she is but whatever. Read it at your own risk (of being wrong).

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  1. Joey says:

    “Because if you prefer Skyrim over Portal 2 you are a complete moron, is what I mean to say. In a loving manner. But still. Moron.”

    “I AM NOT A MORON!!!” Because I favor Portal and Portal 2.

  2. Marny Ramirez says:

    Skyrim is like an insutrial-sized pallet of Corn Flakes. Sure, there’s a lot of it, and satisfying enough for a person on their way out the door in the morning, but it gets bland fast. Portal (and 2,) is like a really good dish at a really nice restaurant. Small but impeccably prepared and incomparably delicious.

    Skyrim’s a time-killer where everything is pretty much average/mediocre, Portal is an experience of pure, concentrated quality, full of a wonder that won’t be experienced the second time around.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Damn, I don’t know why everyone’s getting so mad. Portal 2 was the best game ever, Skyrim I’ve never replayed since it first came out. It was booorrringgg. I mean really, I never thought killing dragons would get repetitive, but my God it did. It got to the point that every time I’d hear that foley generated screech, I’d reload and go somewhere else. And I’d never thought killing vampires would get boring either! But after going to the 38029202nd vampire den I shut the thing off, slapped myself, and banged my head against a wall for a couple hours.

    In closing, Portal 2 is awesome.

  4. Ayla says:

    Hahaha, I love how people have no sense of humour.

    Kiala, I <3 you.

  5. Centarius says:

    At first i thought this was going to be some unbiased review or match up pitting the both of them up. NOPE, just an extremely biased rant on how Skyrim got GOTY. This isn’t a Skyrim vs Portal 2 it more like, Why Portal two should of won than Skyrim, Next time use a proper title.

  6. AwesomeMasterB says:

    You know, this is what pisses me off. When attention-seeking faggots like you rant on a game just because 1. your too ignorant to understand the concepts of the game to actually know shit about what’s going on, or 2. your just a self-centered hater who rages after playing a game for five minutes and never plays it again but puts stupid shit like this on the internet for your own satisfaction. You think that this a good way to express your opinions? You think that comparing two completely different games over something like game of the year is reasonable? Then you’ve got even bigger problems than I can deal with. Also, “SkyYawn™” isn’t the game of the year anyways idiot-fuck, the game of the year for 2011 is Batman Arkam City so know your shit before you talk shit asshole. Now don’t get me wrong Portal 2 is a great game and so is Skyrim, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to compare them and say Portal 2 is the best and Skyrim sucks is stupid. Only a MORON would c

  7. Mr.khaji says:

    Tell you what I’ve played both games and beat them and in honestly sad how portal 2 turned out to be I have to side with skyrim anyways like I said before they’re completely different games So remember that

  8. Mr.khaji says:

    Tell you what I’ve played both games and beat them and in honestly sad how portal 2 turned out to be I have to side with skyrim anyways like I said before they’re completely different games

  9. Mr.khaji says:

    This is just…stupid I’m sorry but your comparing a Meadevil sandbox Rpg against a futuristic puzzle game

  10. Kratos says:

    Skyrim is the BEST GAME EVA.