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Disney’s recent live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast has once again proven that the “tale as old as time” is truly timeless. And while you may have seen the story many times before, you’ve never seen it get the LEGO treatment until now!

This week, Disney and LEGO debuted Beauty and the Beast: As Told By LEGO, a new digital short that retells the famous story of Belle and her Beast, from the perspective of a young girl who provides all of the voices and even the brief cover of the “Beauty and the Beast” theme. Hearing the narrator do an Angela Lansbury impression was easily one of the funniest parts of the video.

LEGO Beauty and the Beast 2

In just two-and-a-half minutes, this video captures most of the film’s signature moments, including Belle’s introduction, the reveal of the Beast, and the debut of the enchanted objects. It also provides a Cliffsnotes version of their whirlwind romance, as Belle and Beast share a meal, a snowball fight, and a recreation of their iconic dance.

LEGO Gaston

There are certain things in animation and live-action that can’t easily be done with LEGO, but this video neatly found a way around that. For example, the role of Gaston went to a pink stapler with a ridiculous hairpiece. Gaston’s nearly lethal attack on the Beast occurs off-screen, but his Pac-Man like escape from the castle was another oddly funny moment. It was also a nice touch that the lifting of the curse didn’t seem to have the hoped for effect…at least for the enchanted objects. Poor Cogsworth… But at least he tells perfect time!

What did you think about the LEGO Beauty and the Beast? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Images: Disney/LEGO


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