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LeBron James To Star In Warner Bros’ SPACE JAM 2? (UPDATE: Not So Fast…)

Prepare for another big inter-dimensional basketball showdown friends: The Tune Squad is suiting back up, and Deadline reported this evening that they’re bringing NBA MVP LeBron James with them this time in the recently confirmed upcoming film, Space Jam 2. The news broke after the announcement that the sons of broadcasting legend Dick Ebersol would be taking the reigns on the film’s production and script development.

UPDATE: According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, LBJ’s camp is denying the Deadline report:

But whether or not the movie does turn out to be a vehicle for LeBron, it appears to be moving forward. (Who else could they get? Kobe’s getting closer to the end, Durant’s a great player but doesn’t have the same recognition outside hoops circles yet, Blake Griffin has comedy chops but isn’t at LeBron MVP level….) The real question is: Who will they cast to bring the epic comedic spark that Bill Murray brought in the original?

This news couldn’t be anymore coincidental; last week we had our first look at a Space Jam mod for NBA2K14, the first NBA basketball game of which LeBron has ever graced the cover.  Then, we recently were graced with an awesome Frozen/Space Jam mashup, which was featured on today’s edition of Nerdist News. I guess you could say that the Tune-iverse predestined this film to happen a while ago.

HT: Deadline

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  1. Henrik says:

    If LeBron was still doing it, the best pairing would be Drew Carey. He could embody the rage of Cleveland.

  2. Albinoverse says:

    Kevin durant already came out with a terrible Space Jam like movie called thunderstruck…I only saw one commercial for it and pretty sure its supposed to be the worst thing ever as the NBA and everyone never ever talked about it again

  3. Kristoffer says:

    i hope they make a space jam 2 at some point. space jam 1 was freaking awesome.

  4. Bob says:

    Brian Windhorst

    Well it was fun while it lasted. LeBron sources refute Deadline report, there’s no Space Jam 2 or Warner Bros. project in works
    9:28 PM – 21 Feb 2014