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Leaked: First 5 Minutes of LOST Season 6

SPOILER!!! This is the first five minutes of the season premiere of “LOST.”

I haven’t watched it because I didn’t want to destroy the excitement and fun of waiting until Tuesday, even though the first five minutes will probably leave me with more questions than answers.

via DarkUFO

UPDATE: Thanks to the self-satisfied sarcasm of someone who likes all-caps (“All-Caps” is also a term I use for slow people) I’ve been told that this footage was released willingly by ABC and that it isn’t really new footage. I did not know this, because I did not watch it, in an effort to shield myself from pre-airing spoilers.

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  1. Yostabar says:

    What a hell???

    o lo que es lo mismo, ¿de qué demonios hablan? aaahhhhhhhhhh

  2. xbjoern9 says:

    This is more than OK.
    But why are they taking it down?? Is it because August said 5 seasons (;

  3. David says:

    Darn you, Jerry. Why. Why. Why did you have to give away the whole plot of Season Six?

  4. Deltus says:

    I wish they wouldn’t release stuff like this. The suspense is what’ll make it the most delicious when it airs.

  5. strip says:

    sweet. me wants no spoilers.
    Can’t wait to see Lost 6 here on feb 20 yey!

  6. Jerry says:

    I think that what’s interesting here is that ABC got plenty of people to watch this meaningless bit of stuff that may or may not be in the first episode of season six. What’s important is that Jack remember how hot Kate is so that the next 20 episodes can be all about her taut belly, muscles rippling in pleasure as she benchpresses Jack, then James, then Jack, etc. And what about Desmond? Is he REALLY everyone’s brother? That seems a bit far-fetched, even if he is Scottish. My theory? I think the Island is a giant fish. Last episode will reveal that this has all been Pinocchio’s dream. The end.

  7. T Inglis says:

    OMG OMG!!!!! I cant wait now!!!!! and does that mean they can remember the years they were on the island?? because my friend thinks they wont but i reall do

  8. Jin says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO CAN’T WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MUST WAIT FOR…..FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Seth says:

    its clearly whatever that girls name in the past destroying the area the hatch occupies in the future so that the dharma initiative station can never be placed there thus not making dennis have to push the button thus not making it possible for him to not push it when the one guy at the station before him was leaving and thus not having their plane crash. there you go. season 6

  10. Aramis says:

    I hope this isn’t a genuine scene from Lost, because already I don’t like the whole idea of what’s happening.

  11. lh says:


  12. mc says:

    It is new footage. If you look the pilot episode (about halfway through) you can see the differences: their haircuts are different, the flight attendant hands jack 2 drinks, not 1, locke is obviously sitting behind rose but in the new footage it’s difficult to tell. This new clip shows the past was rewritten- they don’t crash.

  13. Louis says:

    Well, technically the only part that seems like it could be new is that of Rose and Jack’s conversation. I only say this cause it couldn’t be season 1 footage, especially if you notice the haircut on Jack. Yes, I’m wierd for pointing that part out, but in season 1, Jack’s hair was more like a buzzcut/crewcut. I’d better stop now…

  14. Chris says:

    Yeah, I have to agree with Mr. Can’t-Turn-Off-Caps-Lock. This isn’t a leak, it’s viral marketing. A leak wouldn’t have ABC’s bumper at the end of it.

  15. Christian says:

    This footage technically didn’t leak. It’s from the “Message in a Bottle” contest ABC created here:

    I got mine this morning too, but didn’t want to post it online – gotta make the contest worth winning! Came in a sweet packaging and it was on a 2 GB Dharma Key USB drive (Pics: I actually was give 2 of them, so I’m probably gonna eBay one of them and donate the funds to Haiti relief. Mr. Hardwick, feel like making a bid?

  16. ff says:



  17. K says:

    Shouldn’t have watched it-it just makes more impatient for February 2! Just around the corner and it couldn’t come soon enough! this is a great link though…and NO spoilers.

  18. Bruno Georget says:

    You can watch it Chris, it doesn’t give away anything. It’s one of those friggin’ “let’s put the last minutes of last season in the beginning of the new season” kind of first five minutes…

  19. douchebaggette says:

    Trailer spoiler:
    No new dialogue here (I think)

  20. unlucky17 says:

    That was OK. I’m still SOOOOO excited for tuesday