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Laugh, Don’t Cry for Patrice O’Neal


Comedian Patrice O’Neal passed today at the age of 41.

Though he suffered a stroke over a month ago, it’s news that still has struck a blow to the world of comedy. O’Neal, whose name, sadly, many people on Facebook are just now learning how to spell correctly, had plenty of specials and TV appearances to his name. The posts of .gifs and YouTube clips of him will be floating around various social networks for the next few days in tribute of his comedic legacy, which ended too early. His first full-length stand-up special, Elephant in the Room (excerpted above), was only a preview at what could have been.

My wager would be that more people that will end up learning about and loving Patrice O’Neal and his comedy now, rather than when O’Neal was on stage killing with a joke about animal abuse or when his episodes of The Office or Arrested Development first aired.

However, as someone who had comedy flowing in his veins, who was so close to Giraldo and was one of the best roasters at Comedy Central’s recent roasts, I’m sure he’d appreciate Anthony Jeselnik’s latest tweet:

In tribute to Patrice O’Neal, try not to cry.  Instead, laugh. That’s the best tribute any comedian could ask for.


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  1. frankie b says:

    i totally agree that insted of being sad or crying you should laugh at his comedy. i’m a comedian not as big as patrice but that is how i would want to be remembered.

  2. Michael B says:

    Anyone who saw Patrice’s critique of Jeselnik and Schumer’s jokes about him at the Sheen roast may disagree that he’d have liked that tweet.

  3. WesFX says:

    Whoa. He was just on Jay Mohr’s podcast.

    Man, this makes that conversation so stinging.

  4. Devin Smail says:

    He was one of the best.