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Kobe & Me & Derrick Makes Three!

A few weeks ago I shot a commercial for NBA2K10 with Kobe Bryant (a surprisingly funny dude) & Derrick Rose, both of whom were very nice to me and my vitriolic brand of hyper-snark (it’s a defense mechanism). Here’s a behind-the-scenes package that was shot for G4’s X-Play (my first time on that show!).

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  1. Sanaa says:

    Oh My God, I think I love you!!! Hilarious…”Because I’m white & creamy” LOL. Love the snark.

  2. GC says:

    Christ, I can’t believe you’re still alive. When will you just get a 9-5 job?

  3. Dear Sir or Ma’am-
    So I’m at this wedding giving a speech for the bride & groom (whom, I suspect, have harbored a quiet resentment for me for some time…evidence to follow…)
    In retrospect it all seemed to be going quite well…the cadence a pleasant and comfortable anecdote-joke-laugh-anecdote-joke-laugh.
    Suddenly, without warning, the part of my brain that is clearly under some form of misanthropic alien-influence decides it would be a good idea to use the (what I consider) excellent “bridesmaid in a **** museum” joke.
    Still in the grips of this terrible fever-haze, I punctuate the prickly punch line by staring eerily at the bridesmaids for what seemed to be 2 full minutes…slowly shaking my head in mock disapproval.
    (Somehow quieter) silence…
    As I exit the podium, blowing kisses to the crowd and holding my hand like a phone to my ear as I look at the bride as if to say “CALL ME”, a profound sense of confusion enveloped me…manifesting itself as a question…

    Who’s at fault here?


  4. this is pretty cool. Kobe RULES!!

  5. Charlie says:

    of course now you can say “I beat Kobe Bryant, as Kobe Bryant” lol

  6. Shadowslayer says:

    I’m not all that suprised that all your self chosen nicknames have mayonase in them.

  7. Deltus says:

    Great interview, man. I’m saving that bridesmaid comment to use later, cause that was pure, liquid goodness.

  8. Can’t figure out the “blow it up” thing huh? Epic Fail! Ha Ha. A short, skinny white guy, with two awesome basketball players, you should have challenged them to a game of “HORSE”. I like it when you post the inside stuff on G4. That’s what makes that network rock. We get to see how things are made, not just the polished media we are meant to see.

    Kobe looked like he was going to break out laughing but he held it in. I guess he made his save vs. Chris Hardwick.


  9. Jorge says:

    Dude… I’m jealous you got to hang out with Kobe. Horrible trash talking though, but I do gotta give it to you… the bridesmaid comment was awesome.

  10. Todd Berger says:

    3 times to blow it up? God dammit Hardwick. You should have been ready to make it rain or you can’t see me or some other shit.

    (shakes head whitely).


  11. kevie says:

    Michael Bay would have edited out your explosion fist bump.

  12. vampiress says:

    aww they taught you the sekrit handshake, how cute mayoboy.

  13. trina says:

    so frickin’ cool Chris!!

  14. Teedly says:

    Excellent, Kobe is surprisingly funny indeed.

  15. Alex Bryant says:

    I will be getting the game! The Graphics is Crazy! KA-POW!