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Kimchi Egg Toast

Cinematic morning in San Francisco…

Took a walk to the Ferry Building to explore the Farmers’ Market. Fired up the ol’ iPhone/iPod with Neko Case’s Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, an excellent album for a contemplative outdoor stroll. I pulled together a rich tapestry of gratitude as I enjoyed brisk slightly-cloudy weather, hot chocolate made from actual melted chocolate and kimchi egg toast, which was such a surprising explosion of flavors with each bite that it could only be described as “tiny flavor dragons setting my mouth alight with a broad spectrum of deliciousness.” Yep. It can ONLY be described that way.

Looking forward to doing two more stand-up shows tonight at the Punch Line.

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  1. ginny says:

    where’s the kimchi?

  2. BooGBooGPowell says:

    Is that a used band aid on top of your meal?

  3. Jackie says:

    It’s a Mouthful of Awesome!!
    what are the components to this concoction, is that bacon or am I seein things…

  4. Jak Crow says:

    Hey Chris. Us nerds from the front row of the punch line loved your show. Great job.

  5. Kaileigh says:

    Looked so awesome I decided to make it. It’s SHMAZING.

  6. Deltus says:

    That toast looks vile. Not a fan of kimchi, normally. Real hot chocolate, made from actual melted chocolate, though, is a gift straight from the baby Jesus to your mouth.

  7. Carolina says:

    Chris, my boyfriend Phil and I were at your early Punch Line show tonight. What an awesome time! We are both game developers (he’s a game designer, and I am a concept artist for Paragon Studios) and therefore huge nerds. We love your show Web Soup and now we love your stand-up too! That’s not to say you are a nerd…you are actually pretty cool, and may G4 give you many many more seasons to come.
    Thanks for making us laugh so much our throats are completely destroyed!

  8. Keri says:

    LOVE that description I am so going to use it if I ever find food that makes me feel that way. =-D

  9. Cisco says:

    I’m sure they told you the burnt part was the Cajun Blackened portion of this Korean abomination.
    Party on Garth!

  10. nhlcyclesophist says:

    Looks like maybe it got cold quickly.

  11. Patty says:

    Kimchi and eggs is a fantastic combo…you should try the Korean pancake (do not add syrup).

  12. Rafael says:

    Wow! That looks great. How’s it made?

  13. Ashleigh says:

    That looks delicious!

  14. David says:

    Wow dragons in your mouth?! That would be painful/awesome!