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Karl Urban Urges Fans To Sign Petition For DREDD Sequel

The 2012 Dredd has a sad but not unheard-of tale. It has a passionate fan base, it was a great movie, but it didn’t bring in hefty amounts at the box office. With a gross in domestic theaters of 13.4 million dollars, the numbers alone weren’t enough to automatically get a green light on a sequel. However, fans want one, and so does Karl Urban. Dredd himself recently made an appearance at Emerald City Comicon, and he took a minute to ask for help.

He encouraged fans to sign an online petition requesting a Dredd sequel. There’s a Facebook page titled “Make a Dredd Sequel” that was created in January 2013, and it’s not a bad place to add your voice as well. Listen to what Urban has to say:

He expresses gratitude from himself and director Alex Garland and reassures fan they’re working hard on their end, too. He says the support really does help, and in a world where fans recently made a Veronica Mars movie possible, I believe his claim. At the very least, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Would you like to see another Dredd? Let us know in the comments.

HT: Geeks of Doom

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  1. richard says:

    Come on make it happen love dredd movie and books

  2. Danny Carbajal says:

    I want another Dredd movie. It was an amazing film. I watched it twice in theaters.

  3. Tim Mullins says:

    One of the BEST comic book movies ever made. Heck yes for a sequel!

  4. TGK says:

    Karl Urban was a B.A. Dredd. It totally deserves a sequal.

  5. Steve Mac says:

    One of the coolest parts is that it never shows his face. Just that badass scowl.

  6. April says:

    They’re actually trying to stick close to the comics, unlike the campy adaptions of the 90s. Bring on the cyberpunk! I want another Dredd.

  7. Alicia Schulte says:

    This is one of my favorite movies! Please give us another!

  8. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    Indeed! Dredd kicked ass, and a sequel wouldn’t have to be horribly expensive… Google ‘youtube judge minty’…

  9. Matt Ekola says:

    Please make another one. Dredd was one of the best Sci-Fi movies in years.

  10. David Fortin says:

    Need more Dredd!

  11. Halil says:

    Most bada$$ Sci-Fi action thriller in the last twenty years. I really enjoyed the dark setting with justice being served through the relentless Dredd.