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Episode 63: The JV Club
Sex Nerd Sanda
The JV ClubThe JV Club

JV Club #63: Sex Nerd Sandra

Synergy Alert! Firing on all cylinders (and then some), Janet and Episode 63 guest Sandra Daugherty (Sex Nerd Sandra) give each other brain orgasms with a deep dive into intimacy and honesty, long term teen romance, and roughly 5,000 other things at once.

Listen to Sex Nerd Sandra!

You Can Adopt Dogs Too Friendly for Government Work

You Can Adopt Dogs Too Friendly for Government Work

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY’s Singing-Voice Actor Sounds Uncannily Like Freddie Mercury

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY’s Singing-Voice Actor Sounds Uncannily Like Freddie Mercury

Todd McFarlane Tweaks Tom Hardy's Venom

Todd McFarlane Tweaks Tom Hardy's Venom



  1. Travis says:

    Fire ferrets are a mix of ferrets and red pandas. =)

  2. Barkadon says:

    I know I’m late to the party an’ all, but I just had to say that this episode was so much fun to listen to.

    As a side note, I wanted to mention that I got a kick out of how long it is (I feel like there’s a “that’s what she said” joke in there).  Each episode is usually about the same length as my to-and-from work commute.  During this episode, however, I:
    – drove to and from work
    – cooked breakfast
    – drove to and from the grocery store
    – shaved my legs (and not that quick “I have ten minutes to get ready for a date” kind of shave; we’re talking level 10 attention to detail kind of shave).
    – started eating dinner

    Seriously.  It’s like the podcast equivalent of Moby Dick.  But that’s okay because I enjoyed listening to every minute of it.

  3. janet says:

    Thanks everybody! I’m still sparking and brain hiccuping (in a good way) from this ep. And so happy with the couple of koalasaurs I’ve seen so far! I love how much the waffles resonated with people. Love it! Just one thing- Fester 75, if you ever read this… are you familiar with my podcast, other than this one ep? Check out the Julian episode. As to why I only interview women, it’s entirely not sexist in any way. It’s just how this podcast turned out. I think any regular listener to my podcast would firmly agree I’m the furthest thing from sexist. Okay! Self-defending over and out!

  4. Scully says:

    I just about fell out of chair when you talked about the liege waffles. My parents used to buy these from vendors in the subways of Belgium when I was little and year later I could never figure out what they were. All I knew was that Belgium waffles served in cafes were wrong and at this point I had decided they were something I had imagined. My world has just been rocked

  5. It seems that at least one person has drawn a koalasaur.

    Shouldn’t be too much trouble to photoshop Sandra on there. We just need a picture of her straddling something. Now where can we get one of those….

  6. James M says:

    I have found time to conjure up a longer comment!

    I liked the idea of this hope or belief in “relationships done right.” I feel like in today’s world; many people can feel somewhat jaded with their own perceptions of what “relationships” signify to them.

    I also am a huge believer in giving genuine praise, and reaffirmation to others! I believe in lifting people up!

    I find Hollywood culture fascinating; I’ve been out there once, and I did get a good vibe from the people on the street. However, I completely understand how it can be difficult to keep that “good vibe” going when it gets down to the “business” aspect of it all. Facing rejection is part of life; what matters is how you choose to view that rejection. Business really is just business, but in Hollywood (especially as an actress) I can see the pitfall that (taking rejection personally) can have on someone!

    Random thoughts

    Belgium waffle tree – I approve – Why God chose not to make this? I don’t know.

    The JV Club: being a sort of “medium temperature porridge,” is a nice thought as well.

    JV dancing – I have done the twist before at a party… I’ll admit it.

  7. James M says:

    A tree that could grow Belgium Waffles… That would be amazing.

    Great podcast, as always. So many thoughts… So little time.

  8. Miller says:

    I’d like to take a moment out to say that that was quite possibly the greatest ending ever.

  9. fester75 says:

    Why only women? Why so sexist? Men have awkwardness. What about trans people?

  10. Alec says:

    Props to my fellow time traveler, Sandra.

  11. Shannon Mc says:

    What a delight! This episode was so much awesome. Truly, it was like listening in to a conversation with some of your best friends. Two hours didn’t feel like anywhere near long enough and I hope that Sandra will be back on. Definitely one of my favourite episodes. Oh and there wasn’t enough love for the “carpet diem” comment at the beginning of the episode, which was brilliant.

  12. Sex Nerd Sandra says:

    OMG Zuri, thanks for the tip! I shall definitely check that place out.

    To all the rest of you: THANK YOU for the love! Hang time with Janet was the best kind of fun.

  13. Zuri says:

    Shaky Alibi has Liege Waffles, not sure if they’re as awesome as in Belgium.

  14. PJ says:

    Geek originally meant circus freak, but, yeah, the current usual definition is topic-focussed, not necessarily smart. And that is how you can tell I’m a nerd.

  15. PJ says:

    The Singularity (as it is described by Ray Kurzweil) ain’t going to happen. Artificial intelligence becoming self-aware, perhaps, but not in the Singularity form (which is AI actually developping smarter AI/technology at exponential rate, and that, mathematically, is not a singularity, there’s no vertical asymptote). It is quite a crazy religious-like concept about, like all religion, living forever (Kurzweil takes tons of pills to “extend” his life until the imagined Singularity). But immortality ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, you pointed out.

  16. Jacquie F. says:

    This was such a great episode. I love Sandra’s podcast and I’ve learned so much about my own body from her that it is almost embarrassing. It was awesome to see two of my favorite podcasts doing a cross-over.

    Just wanted to thank you both for what I’ve learned and felt listening to all your episodes. As you said in the episode I hope Sandra can come back again and share more. I mentioned this before when Sandra did Totally Laime but if Janet, Sandra, and Elizabeth did one big podcast together once my mind would be blown.

    Love the show as always and have fun in New Zealand

  17. Curtis says:

    The word you were looking for to describe machines becoming sentient is the Singularity.

  18. dieter says:

    –> (r)

    The JV Club: Sex Nerd Sand_ a