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What Can We Learn From JUSTICE LEAGUE’s Soundtrack?

One of the biggest changes that Joss Whedon made to the Justice League movie was replacing composer Junkie XL with Danny Elfman. Considering Elfman scored the two Tim Burton Batman movies, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, Hulk, and contributed music to Avengers: Age of Ultron, he’s almost overqualified to tackle another superhero story. Elfman’s first track from the Justice League soundtrack is out, and unsurprisingly, it is really good. More intriguingly, the rest of the soundtrack listings appear to lay out the major beats of the film. Today’s Nerdist News is boom tubing in to tell you what it means for the Justice League.

Naturally, there are potential spoilers ahead! But before you retreat to a more tactical position, you can listen to Elfman’s “Hero’s Theme” from Justice League right now.

Join host and the Music Meister of the DCEU, Jessica Chobot, as she runs down the Justice League track listings for clues. The first thing we noticed is that each of the heroes, including Superman, appears to have their own signature theme. The track order also implies that Batman and Wonder Woman will first recruit Cyborg before meeting up with Aquaman, and then enlisting the Flash.

Now, here’s where the bigger spoilers start to come in. The ninth track, “The Amazon Mother Box,” confirms that at least one of the Mother Boxes is being held on Themyscira. And the eighth track, “The Story of Steppenwolf” suggests that we’ll get an origin for the film’s main villain early in the story. Intriguingly, “Bruce and Diana” share the nineteenth track, ahead of the film’s final battle. In both the comics and in the animated series Justice League Unlimited, the idea of a Batman and Wonder Woman romance was previously explored. Will their live-action counterparts go in the same direction?

Two tracks near the end of the soundtrack may also give away some of the film’s last surprises. “Anti-hero’s Theme” could be the piece of music that accompanies Superman when he’s gone to the dark side, so to speak. It’s long been rumored that Superman will initially be evil after his resurrection, and Elfman has hinted at a musical moment where the Man of Steel’s loyalties are up for grabs. Elfman is even going to use John Williams’ classic Superman theme in that sequence, so we’re already looking forward to that.

Finally, the track “A New Hope” may be more than just a Star Wars reference. That could be where Superman firmly embraces his heroic side again…or perhaps there is a more cosmic significance to that title. After all, the Green Lantern references have been building up lately, and the film’s tagline was “unite the seven.” It’s long past time to introduce the Green Lantern of the DCEU, and this may be where it happens.

What do you think about the clues contained within Justice League‘s soundtrack? Strike a few notes in the comment section below!

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