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Just Added! Sara Watkins to Ferguson Podcast @ Largo!

Well, this is all kinds of awesome. In addition to the charming Craig Ferguson, former Nickel Creek singer/fiddler Sara Watkins has just been added as the musical guest for Thursday’s Nerdist Podcast Live @ Largo. I saw Sara jamming out (a phrase that makes me sound like an elderly person trying to understand younger music) with Jackson Browne in the Little Room at Largo a couple of months ago, and her voice is MINDBLOWING. On top of that, her songs are hauntingly beautiful and she was “sweet as pie” as we say in the South. I am very pleased to announce this add.

Tickets are still available through Largo (slightly cheaper online tix are gone) so please don’t hesitate to make your reservations at 310.855.0350.

You can follow Sara on Twitter, if’n ya like.

Image: Sara Watkins

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  1. Chris,

    If you’ve yet to expose yourself (listen too, not show off your wiener) to The Protomen, you should do so immediately. They’re a band from Tennessee that perform epic rock operas that mash-up the world of Mega Man with Orwellian paranoia. Seriously awesome stuff.

    Here’s a video I recorded of them playing one of my favorite tunes of theirs in their hometown of Murfreesboro, TN: I highly suggested getting their records and reading the lyrics, though. They crafted an excellent story. You should try and get ’em for a future live show.

  2. Brad Moore says:

    Hi Chris,

    I attended your show last night with the girlfriend and we had an amazing time . You, Craig and friends were great: funny, kind, down to earth. Further, thank you for introducing us to Sara Watkins, she was clost to perfect. I truly hope she makes it to the Late Late Show sometime in the near future.

    Thanks again,

  3. I had a chance to see Nickelcreek pre-split (or hiatus, not for sure what it officially is), and it was one of the greatest music shows I’ve been to. Excited for this.

  4. Patti says:

    I love reading your posts on this site, especially when you are so clearly excited about something. I wish I lived in LA so I could see this, but I’m sure hearing Miss Watkins will be most enjoyable. Congrats on a great addition to the Largo Live Podcast!

  5. Luanne says:

    Awesome- you can never have enough bluegrass!
    Chris, this morning I caught your haunting performance as the VJ on the spring break episode of “Married With Children.” How did the Emmy committee ignore this tour de force performance?!?

  6. heather says:

    why don’t i live in la??!! the only thing better than listening to one of your podcasts would be to watch it live. especially one that features sara watkins. nickel creek is one of my faves! or was. 🙁

    by the way, i have found that even when your guest isn’t someone whose work i am familiar with, i always enjoy the discussions. great work hardwick!!!

  7. anthony says:

    Oh Chris, always trying to understand the younger generation. Consequently, the phrase “jamming out” always makes me think of DMB.

  8. Wes Nixon says:

    So awesome. I already didn’t need another reasont to listen to this podcast, and now you pile more one.