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Jordan Peele Showed Us What Obama Might Sound Like These Days

Some days it can feel like America is coming undone, to the point that it has a lot of us missing the person who used to make us feel better about everything happening in the world of politics. We’re talking of course about Key and Peele‘s Jordan Peele and his dead-on impression of Barack Obama. But don’t despair, things are looking up, since the comedian busted out his impersonation of ol’ number 44 to cheer us up.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Peele was on to discuss his excellent new horror film opening this weekend, Get Out, but at the end of the interview Meyers couldn’t help but ask what Peele thought Obama might currently look like in his post White House days, “with everything that’s going on.”

Peele pictured it involving watching the news even while on vacation, enjoying a little too much whiskey, and a whole lot of disbelief.

“This is some messed up stuff here!”


As you’d expect, his impression was hilarious because it felt like it might be totally accurate, though we can’t imagine the former president would so callously ask Michelle to top off his drink in such a manner because he’d been drinking. But in fairness, it must be hard for any former president to see someone else doing your old job, let alone when you don’t exactly agree with their direction for the country.

“You gone done did it now America.”

Which is exactly why we also need Keegan-Michael Key to show us what kind of anger translation a drunk Luthor would provide for a drunk Obama. No, we really need it. Right now.

What did you think of Jordan Peele’s vacationing Obama impersonation? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: NBC

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