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Jonah Raydio #44: The Exotic Episode
Episode 44: Jonah Raydio
The Exotic Episode

Jonah Raydio #44: The Exotic Episode

We have comedian Dana Gould and former Jonah Raydio guest Ronnie Barnett of The Muffs on this episode.

Check out Dana on TNT’s Mob City and get his album I Know It’s Wrong.  Don’t forget to also check out Dana’s own podcast The Dana Gould Hour.

Keep a lookout for a new record from The Muffs in April and follow Ronnie on the Instagram @DavidLeeRoth.

Jonah Raydio will be coming to SF Sketchfest February 8 at 1pm at Lost Weekend Video.

If you’re a fan of “yacht rock,” check out former Channel 101 show Yacht Rock.

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Featured Songs

Jackson Pollock” by Mother Ghost

Start Freaking Out” by Radkey

All I Need” by The Racoon Wedding

California” by Teenagers

I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands” by Minor Alps

Pony Tail” by Break Time

On and On” by The Muffs

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  1. oceanmachine says:

    Oh great, the Social Justice Thought Police are here.

  2. Chase says:

    Hey guys, the song California is by teenagers
    I play drums in teenagers
    Thanks for playing

  3. Andy Iwancio says:

    I’m one of those “crazy trannies”. I love Dana tons, and like anybody I love I give the benefit of the doubt when learning about trans* folks. Just know I love y’all! “Tranny” isn’t just hateful, it’s hella hack.


  4. I’m over halfway through this episode, and while I was enjoying it for a good while, once the conversation turned to sex and transgenderism, one of your guests started promoting some problematic and harmful ideas.

    “Tranny” is a slur, and it’s rude to use it. And fixating on genitels misses the point that transgenderism is about the difference between gender (brain) and sex (body). So the guest was dismissive and uninformed.

    From talking and knowing people who are genderqueer, I have learned about the challenges with gender dysphoria and people treating you badly for the choices you make. A little sympathy and understanding of these issues would go a long way, I feel. Jonah, I hope you feel the same way: I still hold fondly the Shadi Petosky Nerdist episode, which I believe you were on.

    Further, I didn’t get the vibe that Jonah was hating on BDSM, but your guest started associating it with not being able to love?! Or having mental problems?! That is so insulting! A LOT of time and energy goes into making sure these things are done consensually and carefully. People like to simulate all sorts of sexual experiences or scenes, and having a partner that accepts and participates in that is wonderfully meaningful. I can care about people deeply and still do things my partner enjoys that might not fit into your guest’s mold of “acceptable sex”.

    I like y’all. And I know you can’t always kill the mood by objecting strongly, much less control everything your guests say. But those troublesome comments needed to be addressed.

  5. nerdgrrrl says:

    marry me dana gould!

  6. Keegan says:

    The weird accent from old movies….

    Also, I fucking love this podcast.