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Jonah Keri Joins Nerdist, David Duchovny Visits, Fred Willard Rules: The Week In Podcasts

Jonah Keri Joins Nerdist, David Duchovny Visits, Fred Willard Rules: The Week In Podcasts

This… THIS was a busy week at the Nerdist Podcast Network. We had the arrival of our first sports podcast, a visit from Fox Mulder himself, some comedy titans, and so much more that we’re almost slopping over the sides with all this podcast goodness. Let’s recap, shall we?

We welcomed The Jonah Keri Podcast to the Nerdist Podcast Network, and Jonah, who you know from his previous visits to the Nerdist Podcast, for his work at ESPN and Grantland, and for his carrying the banner high for the late, lamented Montreal Expos (someday, they WILL rise from the ashes of Parc Jarry and Youppi! will have his revenge…), had our own Chris Hardwick as his first guest. Bowling and chess are involved, of course. and Nerdist Mom’s sports love, and the eternal jocks-vs.-nerds battle, and social anxieties and self-awareness and the mental aspects of sports, as exemplified by Chris’ dad, and cynicism vs. earnestness. It’s a great conversation. And the Rick “Dick” Banks-created theme song is back! (So you’ll get a Journey earworm…)

With the return of The X-Files getting a ton of attention, it was perfect timing for David Duchovny to visit the Nerdist Podcast for a little chat with Chris and Matt. There was talk about the early days of The X-Files, sure, but also Chris’ Red Shoe Diaries conspiracy theory, ’70s adult comedy, Californication, and grad school at Yale.

Living comedy legend Fred Willard guested on a live Pop My Culture from SF Sketchfest (which, of course, is co-run by PMC‘s own Cole Stratton). This one goes all the way back to the Ace Trucking Company days, and DC Follies (!), and Fernwood 2-Night and, of course, working with Christopher Guest.

Janet was at SF Sketchfest, which makes sense because she co-founded the whole thing, and she had a special guest on The JV Club: Janeane Garofalo. As you’d expect, Janeane has a lot of opinions on a lot of things, and talks about her experience hosting on the now-defunct Air America Radio, and politics, but also about growing up in New Jersey (and, a little, Houston), and Aaron Sorkin’s America, and tons more.

Pro You profiled Daniel Quantz, who’s been working out with Tom for six months and is maintaining his positive outlook and improving dramatically in the process. And you might know Daniel for another thing: his wife is Alison Rosen of former-Adam Carolla-newsreader and current Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend fame, and Alison was here this week, too, as she joined the usual crew to dissect The Bachelor on Will You Accept This Rose?

Matt Braunger did a live Ding-Donger from SF Sketchfest, and this time, he had guests: Jonah Ray, Solomon Georgio, and Beth Stelling, talking comedy, cafés, Footloose, and more. It’s a departure and a good one.

Bowser went solo again on Bizarre States, and he got worked up about Sundance and Victorian cat funerals and defending a certain word that has multiple meanings. And a possum. And your stories.

On what I believe is the penultimate Terrified, drummer Zack Mykula of the band PUP got on the phone to talk depression with Dave.

Comic Book Club did two episodes this week, one with the return of Joe Kelly, and the other with comedian Eric Grundhauser, who is for some reason tweeting about Psych. Yes, he knows the show ended two years ago.

Ian Karmel returned for another round of You Made It Weird for a typically wide-ranging conversation that touches on losing weight (stop drinking soda!), deciding on dinner, Kurt Russell saving the day, vibrators, awareness, clear pee vs. Mountain Dew, real sour cream vs. Taco Bell, Michael Caine impressions, dance music, you know, the important things.

Episode 2 of Love, Alexi featured Vogue columnist Karley Sciortino talking about Carrie Bradshaw comparisons, condoms lost where you don’t want to lose them, being sexually adventurous, social media, props, and how writing about sex sometimes interferes with relationships.

Kevin and Steve welcomed Brittany Daniel back to Chewin’ It to talk about social media, smiling with your eyes and not your mouth, midday movies, Joe Dirt 2, and many, many stories. Oh, and beating cancer. That’s huge. YUGE.

Once again hand-picked by listeners Steven Scott and Emilio Hernandez, we got another “Worst Of” Cashing In With T.J. Miller,

Gil talked to actor and MeltCast co-host Derrick VanDerMillen on The Mutant Season about career and DC and more.

WGN America’s Outsiders premiered this week, and creator Peter Mattei came on The Writers Panel to talk about how the show came to be and how his background as a playwright played into it.

Bodhi said he’s turnt AF on Kicking and Screaming, and we’ll have to take his word for it. Their dog’s up to stuff, too. And Jenna explained, sort of, how she knows when Bodhi’s full of it.

Jackie and Laurie talked about the hazards of making dated references in comedy, dealing with problematic bookers, and some legends we’ve lost lately on The Jackie and Laurie Show.

Alison, Alex, and Tom discussed a story about putting something in someplace you wouldn’t normally put that thing except someone’s invented… you know, I don’t want to talk about this. It’s on Half Hour Happy Hour, and you can go there and experience the fragrance yourself.

Razzle met Hawkman — actor Falk Hentschel of Legends of Tomorrow — on Today We Learned. Es war sehr gut. Gibt es ein wort auf Deutsch für podcast? Ich weiss nicht. NICHT!

And it’s all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. Do you like the new shows? Do you like the OLD shows? Do you like cheese? Comment below or on the Facebook page.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photos: Jonah Keri: Breakfast Television, City TV; David Duchovny, Fox

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