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Read HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY Along with Us on Alpha Book Club

Update: For the month of February, Alpha Book Club will be available to watch for free on YouTube! More details below:

Do you love reading? Did you spend your childhood hidden away in a corner, flipping through pages, exploring worlds and making new friends in a literary safe haven all your own? Do you strongly identify with Belle, Rory Gilmore, or Hermione? Did you ever try to create your own library at school, complete with your own card catalogue? Okay, maybe that last one was just me.


The point is, many of us here at Nerdist and our sister site Geek & Sundry are big ol’ book worms, and we know we’re not alone. And while many aspects of nerd culture have become more mainstream, with plenty of places to share and celebrate, we sometimes feel like good old fashioned reading gets the shaft. So that’s why we decided to create our very own place for fans of fiction (and non-fiction, short stories, and graphic novels, of course) with Alpha Book Club: a new online book club (duh) hosted on our new community platform, Alpha (also duh)!


Hosted by Rachel Heine (that’s me!), Geek & Sundry’s Hector Navarro, and Geekbomb’s Maude Garrett, Alpha Book Club is a weekly live show where we discuss our chosen book of the month with you, our dear readers. You can join in the conversation in the chat, dial in to video chat with us directly, and even vote on which book you’d like to read next. And while this show is normally only available on Alpha, we are opening up the book club to all viewers (a.k.a. FREE!) for the month of February.

We voted between Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Jurassic Park, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and guess which won by an astounding 49%?

We’re kicking things off Wednesday, February 1 on the Nerdist YouTube channel, so make sure you tune and join us at 6:15pm PST!

Rachel Heine is the Editor-in-Chief of Nerdist and is still a little bummed no one would join her DIY library. Follow her on Twitter @RachelHeine.

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